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Letters to the Editor

After reading this past week’s paper, my favorite article had to be the news piece, “What’s a Grab N Go?”  Being a commuter student and not having the option of eating at the Winnick, I really appreciate it that Hillwood has certain foods such as chicken fingers, burgers, chicken sandwiches and fries already made and stored in labeled containers. It is definitely a great improvement since last semester because students who want food from the grill don’t have to wait on a huge line. I think Post is going a good job trying to improve some of the negatives associated with Common Hour, and making getting lunch quick and easy is a step in the right direction.

Matt Murray- sophomore

My favorite article from this past week’s edition had to definitely be the features piece “Recycling on Campus.”  I agree that the campus is making more of a conscience effort to recycle and prevent unnecessary garbage, but I feel that other things should be done.  More recyclable bins should absolutely be placed around campus to give students more of an opportunity to recycle, but other things could include having more contests which focus on recycling. I remember last semester when there was a fun competition between clubs to collect the most wrappers, and the winner won prize. Little things like adding more contests, which are geared towards getting dorm students and clubs involved can help make recycling more fun.

Stephanie Leverone- sophomore

I really liked the article Brookville’s Microwave Madness. Partly

because of the catchy headline but also because it was written from a

student’s perspective and was not too “nice” towards the school. I

like that the Pioneer tell me what’s really going on at Post and not

what the school wants us to know and think. Overall, the Pioneer is a

great school news paper and it just keeps getting better and better!

Ulrika Berg, junior

As a C.W Post Freshman reading the Pioneer has helped me in different

ways. Such as informing me of events coming up on campus or important

information that can help me on campus. I like that it gives us

information on the sports teams and how our school is doing in the

athletics department,but one thing I might like to see different is

more on the arts of the school such as Dance, Thearte and Film and the

Visual Arts. One article i enjoyed was the article of ways to beat the

Freshman 15 being an incoming freshman, it helped put things into

prespective to me. All in all reading the Pioneer is not only

educational but enjoyable.

-Alyssa Harington, Freshmen

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