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Life at Post during the Summer Break

Jessica DeSalvo

You may have been updated on what is taking place during the summer but what about the events taking place on your very own college campus? Students have the opportunity to take classes during the summer sessions, which is a great way to get catch up, or get ahead on your degrees requirements. Taking part in the summer session classes may even help you graduate early! To satisfy students, Post offers three different class sessions from May through August. Other academics during the summer are available to high school juniors and seniors who are looking to start their college studies early. Want to study abroad but not over the school year? “Yes, I would much rather study abroad during the summer vacation, I enjoy living on campus during the school year,” said sophomore Nicole Capranzano. The summer is a great time for travel and Post offers a variety of programs overseas this way students can receive credits while traveling abroad.

This summer C.W. Post is taking on a different set of classes involving sustainability. Students will receive three credits per class and can choose from classes that cover information about climate change, organic food and environmental music. For some students, including Jessica Ritter a sophomore at Post feel differently about the new sustainability classes. “I would not be interested in taking sustainability classes over the summer because I am already talking two courses and its expensive, I’m not an environmental type of person, so it’s not right for me,” said Ritter.

A few different summer camps for children are also taking place on campus during break. The Post summer camp provides traditional camp activities. Children swim at Pratt and do arts & crafts with staff members. Outdoor sports and activities also take place to fill the children’s day with excitement. Staff members of the camp use our campus to their advantage when they take the children on nature trails to educate them while they explore. Post also offers a Gifted Youth summer program which is a four-week program dedicated to children that need to be challenged more than the average child would in a classroom setting. Student athletes take part over the summer break in The Pioneer Sports Academy. Sports like boys and girls lacrosse and non-contact football will all be included in the Pioneer Sports Academy camp over the summer this year.

Student life also has plans going on during the summer.  “We hired conference aids to work with study groups for international students, about 500 people are involved in this event,” said senior Hayley Stewart, an employee of Student Life.  “This creates cultural experiences for all.” A big event that takes place on campus over the summer is orientation for the incoming freshman and transfer students. Freshman orientation dates land on August 1st and 2nd, 5th and 6th and August 11th and 12th, while the transfer dates are August 19th, 30th and September 6th.

During the duration of the school year, the Tilles Center for the preforming arts hosts many concerts and events. Over the summer nothing goes on at the Tilles Center until the school year begins. For students who live close by and commute to school, having events at the Tilles center would create excitement. “If Post offered good performers and events over the summer then I would defiantly go,” said Samantha Gaeta, a sophomore here at Post. Summer concerts with home friends and family would give students something to do over the summer break. Although Post is filled with things to do during the school year, events start to mellow down around campus, except for when the children arrive in the morning for camp! I wouldn’t call post a “ghost-town” during the summer, but it definitely has a more laid back approach to it.

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