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Life ‘Inside Post’

By Seren Jones
Staff Writer Skjermbilde 2014-02-12 kl. 23.49.06

LIU Post will be expecting 30 local high school students to visit the campus and experience a day in the life of a Post student, from Feb. 18 to 20. The students, who hail from Long Island and the five boroughs, will arrive on campus at 9:30 a.m. together with parents and faculty. The event, known as “Inside Post,” is designed to recruit high school seniors by allowing them to get a taste of the campus life, as well as tour the university’s facilities, including Hillwood Commons, the Tilles Center, and the Pratt Recreation Center.

Although LIU Post usually hosts events such as the spring and fall open houses, as well as Post Preview days, Inside Post is exclusively for high school students who have already been admitted to the school and other institutions, and are thus narrowing down their final options.

The students, who were personally invited by the university, will have the chance to participate in classes, such as Dance, Education and Business, speak with faculty and administration, and have lunch with student ambassadors.

“This is a perfect way for students to sample life here at LIU Post,” said Celeste Lacasse, director of Visitor Relations. Lacasse also remarked that the students are granted access to the new campus’
latest attractions, including the Gold Coast Cinema, Post Treat Shoppe, Student Body Boutique and End Zone Sports Bar, all located in Hillwood Commons.

Conni Montalbano, a nurse at Post’s Medical Services Department, believes that Inside Post is a good way of recruiting
high school students. “I think having high school students come into the school during a regular day is a good way for them to familiarize themselves with the smaller class sizes, the diverse student population, and the relaxed atmosphere of college life.”

Montalbano said she would love the prospective students to be introduced to Medical Services, a sector that is not part of the campus tour itinerary. “We want our students to feel comfortable reaching out to us when they are sick or just have questions about maintaining a healthy lifestyle at college.”

Olympia Zipitas, a senior Music major, agrees that hosting such events is beneficial for both the university and the students. “We’ve always had tours in the music department and it’s always helped high school students see what it would really be like to be in college,” she said. The Student Ambassador and campus tour-guide then added, “It’s important because some people come in blindly and have no idea what to expect, or they choose a school they end up hating. If they shadow a current student, they can see if they would like it.”

Jackie Nealon, chief of staff and vice president of Campus Life, did not respond to The Pioneer’s request for comment.

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