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LIU Career Connect

By Sana Zahra
Staff Writer

JobNet was the resource for LIU Post students to access information about on and off campus jobs for many years. This fall semester, LIU Career Connect has replaced JobNet to assist students in finding jobs.

By Kristen Linsalata
By Kristen Linsalata

“Student[s] can browse internship[s], as well as part-time and full-time on campus employment opportunities,” said Ali DiBona, Senior Associate Director of LIU Promise.

“This tool allows students and alumni to access job and internship opportunities posted directly by employers looking for LIU students. In addition, students can view and register for career events, build their resume, and access number of helpful and informative career resources.”

All current LIU undergraduate and graduate students automatically have an account on this website. In order to log on to the system, students must use their MyLIU email address and MyLIU password. All relevant information will be imported and can be updated by the student.

“Career connect is a greater expansion of JobNet and it includes many opportunities from various fields that JobNet didn’t include,” said Sharon Sextus, a junior marketing major.

“In my opinion, the user interface of LIU Career Connect is better than JobNet,” said Biomedical Science graduate Joshua Daniel.

“The options are easily accessible and do not need to be searched under categories and subcategories, which was the case in JobNet. The website also looks cooler in the way it is designed and I hope everyone finds the website more user friendly. And as students, we like easy access of content and LIU Career Connect fulfills our requirements at its best and I think my fellow peers would agree with me,” Daniel said.

“LIU decided to purchase a new more comprehensive system,” DiBona said. “Students can view positions, apply online, build and upload their resume, sign up for on campus recruiting, view and RSVP to various events, review career resources, and more. Students also have access to the NACElink Network which is an extended job search beyond LIU.”

Career Connect is very similar to JobNet as it provides students with jobs and internships. Many on campus jobs are already listed in the website for students.

The link for Career Connect is liu-csm.symplicity. com. Students can email for more information or assistance.


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