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LIU Enrollment Services

By Katie Muller
Staff Writer Skjermbilde 2014-03-18 kl. 23.33.50

The new LIU Enrollment Services department, which was created this semester, aims to address the issues associated with academic, registration and financial concerns. The offices are located in Kumble Hall.

Much like the new LIU Promise program, the university will cross-train the LIU Enrollment Services staff in registration, bursar, financial aid, and academic advising areas. However, the Enrollment Services department will work with continuing undergraduate, graduate, and transfer students, while LIU Promise works solely with freshmen. This will allow students to have a single place to go to for all their concerns, instead of going to different offices and advisors.

“This new department serves as a ‘one-stop shop’ where students can have [a] majority of their needs met in a single location by an integrated and cross-trained staff,” said Jackie Nealon, chief of staff and vice president of Enrollment, Campus Life and Communications. “Each staff member will have a specific caseload of students with whom they will come to know very well and be able to serve in a 360 degree way. This aligns LIU with the best practices and traditions across the country, recognizing that students are best serviced with an all-in-one solution.” This new model was introduced across LIU Post and LIU Brooklyn this year.

“Students will be assigned to an Enrollment Services Counselor. Whenever possible, we will try to keep a student with their original advisor, but that may not always be feasible,” Nealon said. “Our primary goal is to ensure that seamless service and advising is provided to all of our students,” she added.

“The changes sound like a great idea,” said John Pantaleone, a senior Computer Science major. “This should eliminate the awkwardness of running around Kumble Hall and will make talking to all of your advisors a lot easier. I wish they had this when I first started going to Post,” he said.

“I think this change is good in a way,” said Johnny DiMartino, a junior Computer Science major. “It provides one person you can go to for all your needs in regards to enrollment.” DiMartino also showed concerns for the employees that may lose, or have already lost, their jobs due to this change. “On the other hand, it takes away jobs from multiple people in order to consolidate everything in one place,” DiMartino added.

“I think this is a much needed change at the school. Year after year, I call and get directed to four different people and by the time I reach the last person, my problem still is not resolved. This definitely gives me hope that LIU Post is improving in areas where they were lacking,” said Kristin Napolitano, a senior Criminal Justice and Psychology major.

The new Enrollment Services office is currently up and running in Kumble Hall. However, reorganization and cross training is ongoing.

“The old bursar, advising and financial aid offices are not being replaced. They are being enhanced and improved to make students services stronger. The functions that those important offices perform will continue to be a priority,” said Nealon.

She also mentioned that there’s going to be a welcome desk when you first enter Kumble Hall, to help guide students where they need to go to address their concerns. “Of course during the early days, we will really appreciate [students’] patience as the team continues to cross-train and use their new skills.”

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