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LIU Post Dance Team Announces Audition Date

By Seren Jones
Staff Writer Skjermbilde 2014-04-01 kl. 23.29.18

The LIU Post Dance team has announced that its 2014-2015 auditions will take place on April 27 from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. at the Pratt Recreation Center. The team of 10 is set on recruiting a large group of experienced dancers to replace the four seniors who will be graduating this semester. The seniors who will be stepping off the stage are Melissa DeBitetto, Chloe Evans, Kristin McDonough and Ashley Scadura.

Although the team may be small, they have a big impact on campus. The ladies bring spirit to LIU Post’s athletic department, primarily performing at the games of the football team and both men’s and women’s basketball teams during home games. Additionally, the Pioneers recently placed third at the 2014 Universal Dance Association (UDA) New England Championships, held in Westfield, M.A, on March 2. “We finally think the team is ready to compete next year at the 2015 UDA College Dance Team National Championship in Orlando, Florida,” said Head Coach Chris Klein.

Ashley Ioveno, a junior Journalism major, shared her history as a member of the dance team. “Since my freshman year the team has grown in ability, strength, dedication, performance, showmanship, sportsmanship, involvement, and dancing technique. The team is performing at a skill level higher than ever, and we have become better dancers as a team and especially as individuals. I am able to dance in ways I never imagined possible three years ago.”

Ioveno discussed why students at Post should try out for the team, which is considered one of the minority sports on campus. “We would love for more people to join the team and become a part of our dance family. Most people who grow up dancing call their dance studio their second home, a place where they are always welcome, well it’s the same here. People should know that with joining, you will not only improve and have fun as a dancer, but you will [also] find your new home away from home,” Ioveno said.

“Anyone is able to audition for the team; undergraduates, graduates, boys, girls, anyone.” Auditions are open, but the tram does require some experience. During auditions, everyone is required to perform a one-minute original solo to a song of choice. However, it must be jazz or lyrical genre. The second part of the auditions requires learning a hip-hop routine, which will be taught and demonstrated in pairs. “Even the girls who have been on the team in the previous years are required to try out [again], so do not fear the solo requirement.”

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