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LIU Post Moves In

Talia Charlton
Staff Writer


A sea of eager faces swarmed through the front doors of residence halls at LIU Post on September 2nd and 3rd, marking the start of a new school year. Move-in day provided students the opportunity to prepare their new place of residence before fall classes began on September 4. Incoming and returning students alike were welcomed to the Post campus with various new changes and obstacles they may not have expected.

Move-in day occurs over a span of two days at Post. Incoming freshman move in on September 2 and returning students the following day, with the exception of athletes, who move in two weeks before the semester begins and international students who move in on August 29.

Beginning at 9 a.m. students were able to move their belongings into their dorm rooms. The process began with students signing emergency contact forms, housing agreements and an entrance inventory form that informs students of the furniture in their rooms and what has been recorded as damaged. Resident Assistants, Residence Hall Directors, and athletes all took part in helping students move into their dorms. Students were then shown to their rooms and were able to try out their door codes.

“Move-in day at Brookville seemed much quieter than it was the year before,” said Tina Lo, a senior Psychology major currently residing in Brookville Hall.

“There were not any obvious changes when I moved in, how- ever, no one showed me to my room as they usually do, and there was a box of Red Bull sitting on my desk, as a welcoming gift. I’m not sure who left it there but, I thought that was an interesting gesture,” Lo added. South Residence Hall, also known as ‘the suites,’ houses several students in suites, with one large common room and four bedrooms, with two students per room. Move-in day at this residence hall was much different compared to the years before and some students commented on the obvious change.

“Most of us that were placed in the suites are there temporarily,” said Gyujin Hwang, a junior Public Relations student. Some students living in South Residence Hall were placed there if they did not attend room selection.

“Not all of the dorms are open this semester. Kings Hall and the Suites are currently vacant,” said Carl Martinez, a resident assistant (RA) in Nassau Hall. “Renovations are taking place in Kings Hall,” Martinez added. Students living in temporary housing assignments will be able to move into new dorm rooms when the opportunity presents itself, but for now all room assignments are currently full. Hwang continued to discuss life in South Residence Hall, stat- ing: “We do not have an RA, but there is an RA from Riggs Hall who comes to the building to make sure things are going well.”

Students who moved into Post Hall were welcomed with a change in the way they would be able to access the internet in their dorms. “We were told that we are allowed to have routers in all dorms now,” said Lauren Apkarian, a senior Public Relations student. Apkarian continued to share her move-in experience, stating: “There aren’t any elevators in my hall, so it was very tiring moving everything up to the third floor.”

When moving into their rooms, students are required to bring specifivc items to help accommodate them while living on campus. An Ethernet cord, used to connect students to the Internet in their rooms, is one of the many items students are told to bring while living on campus. Students are also asked to bring surge protectors, televisions cables, and printers to assist them with daily needs while living on campus.

Move-in day is the start of a new year at LIU Post. Students are provided with the opportunity to make their dorms feel like home, meet their new roommates, or reunite with friends.

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