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Marijuana in New York?

By Julian Wilson
Staff Writer

Marijuana has already been made legal in both Colorado and Washington, and as of Feb. 13, 2014, according to, New York is now listed among 13 states with pending legislation to legalize medicinal marijuana. On Dec. 11, 2013, New York state legislators proposed a marijuana legalization bill, for the possession, cultivation, and retail sale of the drug. What do LIU Post students think about the debate?

“I don’t want it to become legal. But I know many people my age, adults included, who have no problem with marijuana being legalized,” said Cara Frank, a junior Electronic Media major. “I would not be shocked to see parents across New York broadcasting negative opinions about it, if the bill were to be passed,” she added.

“I think overall it’s a big step, but a big step worth taking. I mean the possibilities of any negative consequences are slim to none. It would cause very substantial economic growth,” said Jordan Vogelsang, a sophomore Education major.

“The fact that it can be used as a crop for many different uses other than recreational and medical, such as oil, fuel, paper, and even clothes could also be very beneficial,” he added. Vogelsang believes that the benefits outweigh any negative consequences. “It shocks me that it isn’t legal already,” he said.

“I think it would be great if marijuana was legalized because of the taxes the government could collect on it. From a business standpoint, itis a great idea and it clears up the courtrooms a little bit,” said Joe Voce, a senior Electronic Media major.

“Not many consequences other than it being legal for idiots to be idiots,” said Voce. “If the decision to pass marijuana gets declined, I’m pretty sure people will decide to riot, but before they do, they’ll smoke and forget to riot. So nothing will happen,” he added.

Brooke Troiano, a sophomore Criminal Justice major, disagreed that legalizing marijuana in New York would do well. “I don’t think it will end up being legalized in the state of New York because I think we just don’t have a want or a need for it. With so many people crowded into a small area like Long Island, having a recreational drug like that legalized would cause more harm than benefit,” she said.

“I know if it was legalized, it would probably be a split between people who want it and people who oppose it. I think it’s mostly the younger generation who wants it legalized. Parents would oppose it, and I personally don’t think it’s beneficial at all,” Troiano added.

There are a few propositions to legalize marijuana like the Senate Bill proposition, which is now in custody of the Assembly’s hands, according to According to, both sides of the argument include the idea that “New York leads the nation in marijuana arrests,” and that, “New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is set to announce an executive order… that allows for 20 hospitals in the state to treat seriously ill patients with cannabis.”

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