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Meet Nigina Khaitova

By Sana Zahra
Staff Writer

Nigina Khaitova, a freshman International Studies major and co-founder of the Model UN Club on campus
Nigina Khaitova, a freshman International Studies major and co-founder of the Model UN Club on campus

Donovan Bailey, the first Canadian to legally break the 10-second barrier in the 100 miles once said, “Follow your passion, be prepared to work hard and sacrifice above all, and don’t let anyone limit your dreams.” Nigina Khaitova is a freshman majoring in International Studies at LIU Post. Without wasting any time, Nigina has already started putting her dreams into action. She has recently started a club called “Model United Nations,” and plans its expansion.

Nigina Khaitova is an international student coming all the way from Republic of Uzbekistan. Coming alone to another country far from home, Khaitova described her first experience at Post as frustrating. She came to Post during the orientation sessions and had only a few people on campus to interact with and therefore felt alone. But this has eventually changed.

“Now I know I am at the right place and I love it here,” Khaitova said. “I don’t just have friends from only Russia or nearby countries but many international students from different places.” Khaitova is part of the C.H.A.T.S clubs and Student Government Association, apart from Model United Nations.

Debating is arguing in a formal manner, which many people enjoy doing. Khaitova is one of them. Back home, she worked as a translator for the United Nations’ Office in Uzbekistan, and as a producer of an audio and video podcast called, “UNews Weekly.” From her past experience, Khaitova loved working at the United Nations and knew that she wanted to join.

After continuously trying to get permission to start her own Model United Nations club at Post, Khaitova met Stacey Santiago, who shared the same interest as her. Both Khaitova and Santiago are now co- presidents of the club.

The first meeting was held on Oct. 23. Through this club, Khaitova plans on engaging the students with the United Nations. She wants to work on taking this club to a national level. Khaitova has already opened two clubs in her previous school, yet knew it would not be the same at Post. “I knew it would be far more ledger scales, and would be more complicated because, as a freshman, I didn’t know anyone here,” Khaitova said.

The members of Model United Nations meet weekly and they are taught how to compose position papers and debate on diplomatic levels. The meetings are held in a sequence that one week would be tutorials and the other week would be mock sessions where the members could practice the skills they have obtained.

“Our goal is to organize a Model United Nation Conference in our university,” Khaitova said. “Then we are planning on participating in the National Model United Nations Conference at [the] New York City Headquarters in March, and we would present our university on behalf of the country Moldova as we have already registered for it.” Model United Nations is one of those clubs that hold events on a large scale.

“It is my desire to build my career because I do plan on becoming a very successful person,” Khaitova said. “I dream to work with the United Nations and reach one of the highest positions there. So I decided as soon as possible to work on my future.” She mentioned what Russian quote she lives by, meaning, “First you work on your name and then your name works on you.” With strong beliefs in the quote, Khaitova is currently working hard so all her work qualities can pay off in the future.

Nigina Khaitova is an inspiring student who knows what path she must follow in order to reach her goals. Model United Nations is a club that will provide many opportunities for its members. “Don’t wait for people to come motivate you and change your life, do it yourself,” Khaitova said.

The Model United Nations Conference will be held at LIU Post on Dec. 3, at 5 p.m. in Hillwood Commons, room 218. The National Model United Nations Conference will be held at New York City Headquarters on March 22 to March 26. You can email the club for more information at

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