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Mindful Wellness Event Shares Health Smarts with Post Students

By Jill Borowski
Staff Writer

LIU Post hosted its annual Wellness Day in Hillwood Commons on Feb. 11. This year’s theme was “Mindful Wellness” – overall health in more than one aspect. Wellness Day is sponsored by Medical Services here at LIU Post. The goal of Wellness Day is to promote complete, holistic health.

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St. Francis Hospital sponsored a Community Outreach van for cardiovascular screenings. The van offered services such as taking brief cardiac histories, blood pressure, and blood tests for cholesterol and diabetes. These tests, although quick and virtually painless, can provide valuable information to any patients, who would otherwise be unaware of their potential problems. The Outreach van travels across New York, providing these services to students as well as adults, free of charge. The van travels to multiple locations, including the YMCA, senior centers, and public libraries.

Wellness Day also featured a nutrition wellness station and an informational about hearing and noise, sun safety, and the dangers of texting while driving. The nutrition station, run by the Department of Human Resources and Living Well with LIU, gave advice on healthy diets and foods that you should avoid. The hearing and noise station allowed students to check their hearing and provided information about what loud music could do to their ears over time. The sun safety table showed students how to properly protect your skin from the elements.

The “texting while driving” table showed students the effects of texting and driving, statistics of accidents, as well as advice on preventing the problem, which has become a significant issue in the U.S.

At another event, reiki, healing massages, paraffin hand treatments, and guided imagery were administered by the Department of Counseling and Development. Reiki is a Japanese technique for relaxation and healing. It is performed with the laying on hands to cleanse “life force energy”— the element that promotes health and well-being. Guided imagery is a technique of relaxation that uses visual imagery by picturing a day at the beach. These events were sponsored by all different organizations, both from LIU Post and other institutions, ranging from the Pratt Recreation Center to Jason Cascone, a reiki master and director of career development at Post.

Students who visited seven out of 11 tables were automatically entered into raffles and giveaways for Wellness Day. “We want students and staff alike to become more aware and mindful of their health, in general,” said Sarah Boles, a counselor at LIU Post.

“I think it is a very good thing to inform students and staff about taking better care of themselves. Having a Wellness Day at school gives students an opportunity to become more aware of their health,” said Stephanie Rubenfeld, a junior Psychology major.

The term “health,” however, does not just mean physical health — it also includes mental, nutritional, and spiritual. Mindful Wellness means being healthy in all aspects of health, and leading a generally healthy lifestyle. Many times, students do not get the chance to stop and take care of themselves due to pressures of everyday life, whether it is school, jobs, or relationships.

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