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“Mocha” Chocolata Ya Ya

By Margaret Pepe
Staff Writer

Many LIU Post students know or have heard of Marvin Johnson, also known as “Mocha.” Mocha is a junior Business Management major, and has won over the hearts of just about everyone he’s met. But how exactly was he donned with the name Mocha?

“Mocha” is a junior Business Management major, and a member of the Student Dance Association. Photo by Margaret Pepe
“Mocha” is a junior Business Management major, and a member of the Student Dance Association.
Photo by Margaret Pepe


“The nickname came from my senior year track team,” Mocha said. “Three other teammates and I used to rap this song, and one of the parts was done by a member of the group named Mocha. The name stuck to me one day when I was running and I just rapped the song in my head. When I was done running the coach asked me what was I thinking of and I told him heavily breathing, ‘MOCHA,’ and it stuck ever since that day.”

What is it, exactly, that attracts people to Mocha? Is it his boisterous laugh, or his bright smile? “I believe it’s my personality,” Mocha said. “I’m open, just very vibrant. When I meet people, first thing that comes to mind is ‘Oh my god! Let me say hi!’”

“I was in SDA with him, and I love him. He’s really nice and easy to talk to, plus he’s hysterical. He’s definitely a character,” said Mariel Bourie, a freshman Music Education Major.

Mocha considers himself an extrovert, and sees no point in being friends with just one group of people. “Why not be friends with everybody?” he reasoned. Informed that he was well liked on campus, Mocha smiled big and said, “I love how people know me.”

For people who don’t know Mocha, or haven’t met him yet, there are a few things you should know. “I’m an open person,” Mocha said. “If you have a problem, don’t be afraid to come talk to me about it. I don’t blab, you know, this isn’t Pretty Little Liars. I just love helping people out.”

People who know Mocha describe him as fun and hyper. “He’s always energetic, and makes sure everyone has a good time,” said Tatiana Plunkett, a sophomore Psychology major.

“He’s funny and outgoing,” said Cynthia Theodore, a junior Psychology major.

Was Mocha surprised to be named a “Campus Cutie?” He took it as a complete shock.

“I really didn’t know it was possible to beat other amazing people out of this,” Mocha said. “I was like OMG, really? And almost started crying.”

So, does he deserve the title of campus cutie? “I think [the title] would be fitting for him because of his personality and his communication with other students. I think a lot of people are fond of him,” Bourie said.

Mocha explained how he loves Valentines Day, but said that Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean you necessarily have to celebrate it with a significant other. “I celebrate Valentine’s Day with my mom,” he said. “I just love my mommy.”

What’s the best piece of advice Mocha has when it comes to love, lust, and relationships? “Don’t chase love, let love chase you,” Mocha said. “Let them adore you first and then just walk away and let it linger.”

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