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Motorcycles Parked in Handicap Zones

By Katie Muller
Copy Editor

This semester, students have noticed motorcycles parked alongside, or often on, the sidewalk next to the parking lot between Hillwood, Humanities, and Tilles Center. The illegally parked motorcycles have raised concerns for some students.

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John Pantaleone, a senior Computer Science major, said, “They shouldn’t be parked there. At least, I think they shouldn’t be parked there.” Pantaleone also mentioned that he often sees the bikes parked by Humanities Hall instead of parked in the Hillwood parking areas, which is where students should be parking their vehicles. “I’m surprised to see them parked there as often as I have.”

“Really? I haven’t even noticed them!” stated Janey Gimmell, a senior Broadcasting major, upon learning that riders park their motorcycles on the campus’ sidewalks. “Why aren’t they parked with the other cars in the student parking lot? Do they expect them to put them on the bike rack?”

According to Paul Rapess, director of Public Safety, “Motorcycles are not permitted to park on any campus sidewalk. The main hazards associated with parking on the sidewalk are the obstruction of pathways.” He continued, “People [who are] not paying attention may walk into them. In addition, the motorcycle itself could be damaged if it falls over after a collision.”

Currently, there are two student-registered motorcycles on campus, which is the typical amount of motorcycles on campus per semester, according to Rapess. While there is no current designated parking area for motorcycles or plans to zone parking for them in the future, “students [with motorcycles] are allowed to use all parking areas on campus, including handicapped spaces with the appropriate permit,” Rapess said. “Motorcycles are [required] to park in normal parking spaces alongside other motor vehicles.” Rapess stressed that students are not allowed to park in spaces “clearly defined as faculty and staff parking,” even if driving a motorcycle.

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