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Movie Review: A Good Day To Die Hard

Jesy O’Donnell Staff Writer


Witty jokes, exploding cars and ridiculous action sequences are just what you expect from the fifth installment of the “Die Hard” series. Once again, in “A Good Day to Die Hard,” which opened on February 13, we join John McLane (Bruce Willis) in a movie where the point is nothing more than to blow stuff up.

For the first time, John McLane, a New York City cop, finds himself on an international stage in Moscow. “A Good Day to Die Hard” introduces McClane’s estranged son Jack, an apple who has not fallen far from the tree and who may even be more of a hard-ass than his father is. John and Jack must put aside their personal and professional differences, and work together to keep each other alive and stop the Moscow underworld from controlling nuclear weapons.

This 98-minute movie starts immediately with a high-speed chase. There are no limitations when it comes to weapons, explosions and a general disregard for human life. Despite the fact that the first “Die Hard” movie was released in 1988, this sequel to the franchise still hit number one in the box office. “A Good Day to Die Hard” does not stand out from the crowd of action movies. There were some funny jokes, good action sequences and the classic “yippee-kay-a” catchphrase.

Even though the majority of the movie was pretty predictable, it was fun to watch. After all, how much more could we really expect from a five-movie action series? It is a good date night movie and an enjoyable addition to a classic series.

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