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Movie Review: A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas

Cecile Nag 

A very Harold and Kumar Christmas takes place in a surreal universe where anything is possible. You never know what happens next: Simply because it´s all just a little bit too crazy to imagine.

If you´ve seen the previous Harold and Kumar films, you are familiar with the two characters. This story takes place six years after their last adventure: Harold and Kumar have lost track of their friendship, living two separate lives. When Harold receives a mysterious package on his doorstep addressed to Kumar, their paths cross again, and an unintended journey to rekindle the friendship begins. But not without complications. In an evening filled with bad luck, pot smoking, and unexpected occasions, the only thing you´re sure of is that it will all work out in the end.

Screenwriters Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg presents the third movie in the Harold and Kumar-series, packed with a variety of characters, including family-members, more-or-less good friends, heavy criminals, and attractive women; even Santa Clause makes his appearance. It is after all a Christmas movie.

Kal Penn and John Cho in the roles of Harold and Kumar works well together on the screen. With two contracted lives, the buddies are forced back together, with a message that some friendship are meant to last forever. Those who find drug related humor offensive, should steer away from this movie, because a lot of the storyline includes weed, and the use of other substances. In fact, the film represents a number of scenes and plots that could easily be perceived in an offensive way. The thing is, the writers makes fun of anything, and the storyline is so unrealistic, that whatever happens are just pure, crazy, imagination, that makes it hard to take it serious.

A very Harold and Kumar Christmas ends up being a weirdly heartwarming affair, that makes a viewer that is not easily offended laugh out loud, showing a mixture of occasions, characters, and events that together tells a highly unexpected story about two friends, and their journey back together. If you´re one not to get easily offended, and you´re looking for some easy entertainment to make you laugh, you should definitely see this one. The 90 minutes goes by so fast that you never have the time to get bored. With one crazy scene, taking another, you´ll find yourself amused by the most hilarious situations, with one thought pending in your head: “What really just happened there?” And then you´ll laugh some more.

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