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Movie Review: Immortals

Dontae Hawkins

Now being a film major I might get chastised for this review, but I don’t really care because its my opinion so here goes. I Thought the Movie was really good, however, the acting wasn’t academy award winning. The focus of the film is on a man named Theseus, a peasant who is chosen by Zeus to lead the fight against the merciless King Hyperion.

Hyperion is laying waste to all of Greece to obtain the Epirus Bow, an infinite weapon created by Ares who, if you don’t know Greek mythology, is the God of War. I Feel as if the story was well written, although some things were predictable I still feel as if the movie flowed smoothly from scene to scene.

Now here’s where things get interesting. I’m usually anti 3D, I hate 3D, however, the fact that the movie theatre didn’t even offer it regular, was outrageous. This particular movie in 3D was awesome. The action & fighting scenes were epic, better than the movie 300, to which this movie uses a similar style. The Greek Gods kick ass, when they do decide to get involved in mortal affairs.

This movie takes the slow motion fight scene to a whole new, intensely Gory Level. As an avid fan of gory slow motion fight scenes, the movie made me feel like a kid again. I think that’s the purpose, I can’t say much about the cinematography since most of the backdrops were probably CGi (Computer Generated imaging) but if I had to comment on it, to put it simply, it looked like 300. If your Expecting Anything but a kick-ass action movie then don’t go see iMMORTALS otherwise go see it immediately, it was definitely worth the $15 to see it in 3D. I give the movie an 8/10 and definitely recommend you see it.

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