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Movie Review: Paranormal Activity 3

Anne Winberry 

Paranormal Activity brought a whole new form of scary when it debuted in 2009. The low-budget film, directed and produced by Oren Peli in 2006, went on to become a box office smash. This, of course, led to its sequel in 2010, which was actually used as a prequel and contained events that occurred before the first film.

Paranormal Activity 3 takes place 18 years before both films, set in 1988, following Katie and Kristi, the main characters from the first films, as children. After some interesting phenomena begins, much like its predecessor films, the male character sets up cameras all over the house. This time, Julie, the girls’ mother, has a boyfriend, Dennis, who is a wedding videographer, conveniently enough. Kristi, the youngest sister, begins speaking to her imaginary friend, Toby, in the middle of the night. While reviewing the tapes, Dennis brings this to Julie’s attention, who passes it off as “just a phase.”

As the nights pass, the audience begins to realize that Toby is not so imaginary as he begins terrorizing the family.  As furniture flies, things mysteriously move, and, babysitters are scared off, the terror and jolts come at full force.

There is not much change to the plot. The film still brings the same premise the third time around but is much faster paced. You won’t have to wait long to be jumping out of your seat. I recommend this if you have already seen the first two films, even if you haven’t enjoyed them. This one is a vast improvement from the first two and much scarier. For those of you who love a good scare, definitely give it a try!

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