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Movie Review: SecondHand Lions

Freddie Schwartz


This is, without a doubt, one of my favorite films, and whenever I ask people about it, they don’t seem to know too much about it. The plot revolves around a boy named Walter, who is dropped off by his mother to live with his uncles in Texas for the summer. From the beginning of the movie it becomes apparent that the mother wants her son to find out about the alleged millions that they have hidden on their property. The uncles, Hub and Garth, aren’t your normal everyday relatives either. From buying a lion, to Hub beating up four guys in a bar brawl, to shooting at traveling salesmen, there isn’t a dull moment. However, there is an amazing back story as to how they became so rich in the first place. During the movie, Garth tells Walter of their adventures in Africa and Hub falling in love with a princess as well as having assassins trying to kill him at every turn.

However, everyone else says that the uncles were bank robbers and stole all the money, so the whole movie is discovering which story is true. If you want to know, well, you’ll have to watch the whole movie. This movie is a comedy, a drama, and a heartwarming film about a boy who feels no love from his mother and finds happiness from two unlikely relatives.

I highly recommend this film; it’s just good fun, and the back stories of the uncles are great and action packed. My favorite part is the bar scene were Uncle Hub beats the hell out of four teenage boys, and Hub has no weapons, while they all have knives. Hub is just awesome in every way. Pick up a copy and watch it for yourself; its great!

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