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Movie Review: The Help

Freddie Schwartz

If there is one thing I can say about the movie The Help, it’s that it is “amazingly powerful”. The plot revolves around three women Aibileen, Minny and “Skeeter,” as she’s called, who all live in Mississippi during the 1960s. Aibileen and Minny are African American women who work as maids, while Skeeter is a young, white woman who aspires to be a writer. The three band together to write a book about their lives as maids, as well as the racial prejudices they face from the community and their employers. As the movie progresses, we see the horrid treatment the maids receive. The movie is a great mixture of drama, tragedy, and comedy. It’s the kind of film that inspires those who watch it to treat everyone equally no matter what background or skin color he or she has. My favorite scene, though I don’t want give too much away, was the evil, yet amazing prank Minny pulled on her employer. It was so funny; I couldn’t stop laughing. My favorite character was Aibileen because of her strong character and spirit; she is the kind of person who, no matter how scary something is, will go out and face the danger head on. The movie is emotional and funny. It also perfectly captures the way life was in the 60’s – from outfits to cars and home décor that was popular in Mississippi during that time period. It’s a MUST see movie! I recommend it to anyone. Also, as a side note, the movie is based on the novel The Help, by Kathryn Stockett. Definitely pick it up when you get the chance.

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