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Movie Review: Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn

Jacqueline Favaloro

While a lot of people are saying Breaking Dawn, Part 1, is the best installment of the Twilight Saga, I beg to differ. While it certainly is the most emotional, the story could have definitely fit into one movie.

The film began with the wedding scene, and within the first fifteen minutes, half the movie theatre was balling, including myself. The scene was completely on point. For those of you who have read the series, you can rest assured; the wedding was not altered.

Any Twihard knows that the scene every- one was waiting for is when Bella and Edward consummate their marriage, AKA the steamy sex scene. Being rated PG-13, I was a little nervous on how this scene would be orchestrated. To my surprise, however, it was pretty raunchy. They even left in the part when Edward breaks the headboard – wink. The rest of the movie kind of goes south

from there. Besides the acting being border- line horrible, the honeymoon takes half an hour, when it could have been done with in 15 minutes. Scenes are filled with Edward and Bella playing chess – yes chess.

Soon Bella senses something wrong and has to return from her and Edward’s honey- moon. To everyone’s surprise, she is pregnant with a hybrid vampire baby. For the rest of the film Bella battles the child as it physically destroys her. It gets very gory at parts, and the audience is subjected to seeing Kristen Stewart wither away to just bones.

Overall, Breaking Dawn wasn’t bad. It is certainly not the best of the series, however, it is certainly worth something if it can bring an entire theater to tears.

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