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Music Review: “Here’s To Feeling Good”

Paul Kalis

Pop-punk group “Freshman 15” is gearing up for the release of its sophomore album, “Here’s To Feeling Good,” on March 13th, via Standby Records. The band consists of Davey Fortner (Guitar/Vocals), Davey Hoogerwerf (Bass/Vocals), Leo Teran (Drums), and Mike Baker (Guitar/Vocals).
Songs include: “Secret of the Ooohs/Wizard of Ahhhs,” “Mistake Ex-Girlfriend,” “Anywhere But Here,” and “Getting Weird.” Personally, my favorite has to be “Drink To That,” and no, it’s not because it has the same title as Rihanna’s song. I liked the beginning melody and how the song began to slowly transition into pop-punk. I have to confess, this genre is certainly one that I really have not listened to in the past. If you enjoy pop-punk music, give “Freshman 15” a chance.
The group’s “Tour Up From The Floor Up” east coast tour hits Amityville, New York, on Wednesday, March 7th, at the Broadway Bar, 198 Broadway. The phone number is 516-241-5482. Doors open at 6:00 p.m., and tickets are $10.

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