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Mutant Blobs Attack

Freddie Schwartz

Staff Writer

Although “Mutant Blobs Attack” came out this past summer, I finally had the chance to play this unexpected gem. “Mutant Blobs Attack” was developed by DrinkBox Studios and it was originally available on the PlaySta­tion Vita, but now has a port for PC on Steam.

It is basically a side-scrolling platformer, semi-puzzle style game where the player is the blob monster. The blob monster is trapped in a laboratory and wants to break out. It gets it’s chance to escape into the backpack of a college student whose class was visiting the lab on a field trip. From there, as a tiny blob, the player travels the college campus, the town and a military base on a rampage of destruction, eating everything in sight. As it grows in size, it eventually eats humans.

The levels require a good understand­ing of the controls whether you are using a controller or your keyboard. At one point, the blob monster has a magnetic field around its body and the player has to use it to scale metal pipes and jump from sections to avoid spikes that can kill it. This requires good tim­ing and precision with the controls. It will not take too long for players to grow accustomed to it. The game even gives players hints and reminders in the easier beginning levels. The graphics are cartoon-like and simple but very charming and colorful. The levels have a lot of variation.

The animation of the monster was done very well and looks just like a blob monster should. I like that at each level, you can play over and over to find hidden blob monsters and get a better score. There are plenty of opportunities to replay levels until you fi­nally get star ratings on them. There is a lot of variety and at some points, the player has to maneuver in the air with magnetic polar­ity using telekinesis to move objects around. The levels are not too long but players cannot save. This means that players must finish the level in order to save their gram, which can be a bit annoying especially if you want to start right back in that section.

Overall, “Mutant Blobs Attack” is a fantastic little game for an affordable price. It is a fun platformer, which uses the 50’s monster theme. This makes the game seem campy and charming, but it also presents a decent challenge. I give this game an 8.5 out of 10. It is available for $7.99 on Steam and on PlayStation Vita.

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