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NAACP Speed-Dating

Samantha McGarry

On the night of February 16th, love was in the air in the Hillwood Café. NAACP held a speed-dating event for students who were looking for love or just a friendship. Before the speed-dating started, NAACP got nine tables together and scattered  chocolate candy and tea around each of them. NAACP provided music and beverages to really set the ‘love’ atmosphere for everyone who was arriving to the speed-dating event. The rules of NAACP’s speed-dating were that a male and a female sat at the table, and after three minutes of conversation, the males rotated as the females stayed where they were seated. While the couples were getting to know each other, NAACP members handed out some refreshments to keep the couples comfortable.

Senior Vance Henry, a Radiology major who helped to make this event happen, explained why the NAACP wanted to hold a speed-dating event. He said, “Though Valentine’s day is over, NAACP wanted to do something for everyone to still help them out. It’s also a good way for kids to interact on campus and get to know each other.”

Students who attended the speed-dating event were also asked questions about how they felt while being a part of the speed-dating. When asked why she wanted to participle in NAACP speed-dating, junior Sociology major Ara Mcpherson stated, “It allows you to get to know people on campus better, those who you wouldn’t really normally associate with.”

When asked if they had ever participated in speed-dating before, freshman Broadcasting major Kendall Bruton and Mcpherson both explained that this was their first time. Bruton stated, “I want to meet some new people, new friends, and do something fun on a Thursday night.”  Friendship and getting to meet new people  were the main reasons many students attended this event.

Mcpherson said that she wasn’t really looking for a relationship but, rather, for more of a lifelong friendship. NAACP speed-dating really broke the ice for some people to get to know each other. The speed-dating event had 16 student participants. NAACP has held a few other speed-dating events in the past, but this one had the best turnout according to Mcpherson.

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