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Nassau County is Watching You

Eileen O’Connor

Recently when we stop at a red traffic light, we’ve been noticing a flashing light immediately afterwards. Yes, cameras have been installed and are in use at many more Nassau traffic lights to catch red-light runners. “I think they are dangerous,” said Jad Greco, a sophomore biomedical technology major. “Yellow lights don’t last long, and most people either gun it or stop short.”

Apparently this offense is quite common in Nassau County and now the cameras will not only help to prove each case, they will also help to catch and fine the offenders. “It’s just a way to make money,” said Kelly Kuoppala, a junior criminal justice major. “I’ve gotten two tickets already. I’ve paid $50 for the first and $75 for the second.”

Do you need more to encourage you into actually slowing down at yellow lights and preparing to stop for red ones? Actually there is more!

Did you know that Nassau County traffic safety officials have installed video cameras along with still cameras at many intersections? Can you guess what they are finding when they look at the footage?

The videos are recording accidents that were caused when cars continued to drive through red lights and hit other cars either head-on or side-on. There is no doubt which car caused the accident in each case. No debate will arise from these accidents; each driver in violation will not be able to claim “my light was still green.”

If you’d like to view some footage of accidents recorded by cameras at intersections, please visit the website of the Nassau County Traffic and Parking Violations Agency at

Please encourage your friends and family to be safe and careful on the roads. Please also share this information with others to help save lives.

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