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National Comic Book Day 2013

Michael Otero
Staff Writer

Today marks National Comic Book Day. The unofficial holiday is not known nationwide, but it is an interesting holiday nonetheless. As a kid growing up, one of the more popular comic books was Captain Underpants. They were always a big hit with kids during book sales and during the elementary school and middle school years. The books would crack everyone up and people shared the enjoyment of reading the comics.

The origin of National Comic Book Day is still uncertain, but it is believed to have become a big hit because of the amount of people that share a bond through reading and talking about comic books.

One of the reasons why a lot people like comic books is the idea of good prevailing over evil. A lot of people find themselves in some way, shape, or form relating to the “good guy.” The Superman and Batman comic books are filled with intrigue and suspense, which keep the reader on their seat. It is a much different story, and feel, from the movies.

“I was always a big fan the Batman comic books,” said junior Education Major Joseph Ansalone. “They kept me entertained and amused as kid. He had the coolest weapons and best car. He is one of the few super heroes that doesn’t have a super power. He’s just the man.”

“I was never really a big fan of comic books,” said said Nicholas Laspina, a freshman Physical Education major. “I am more a fan of the Superman and Batman films. I like both series a lot.”

Some of the more recent and popular movies that have come out within the last year have been the Marvel action movies, such as The Avengers. These movies have taken comic book characters like the Incredible Hulk and Captain America and put them in a battle against evil. This idea has obviously been a big hit, as it has made over $600 million in the movie industry.

Another interesting thing about comic books is that they are a great collector’s item. There is a rather large market for selling comic books. Some have sold in the high thousands, even millions. “Action Comics 1,” released in June of 1938, was sold for $2.16 million making it the highest sold comic book ever, according to an article by The Independent.

Comic books have come a long way. They started out as soft paperback covers, and now they are created into multi-million dollar movies. I plan to celebrate this holiday by whipping my old “Captain Underpants” out of the box and dusting it off. How do you plan on celebrating?

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