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Need a Job? Try This!

By Caroline Nickolaus
Staff Writer

Everyone knows the cost of living is high, especially when one is on a college budget. School tuition, room and board, and expensive textbooks are just some of the reasons why it is financially difficult to be a college student in 2014. Of course, we all want some extra spending money to buy what we want and to do fun activities with friends over the weekend. Consider yourself lucky if your parents are well-off enough to pay for all your college expenses without asking for any help on your part. Most college-aged students maintain a part-time job of some sort while enrolled in college; others just work throughout the summer as counselors at day camps or other seasonal jobs.Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 22.13.34

For students looking for a job throughout the school year, JobNet is an invaluable tool to aid you in finding jobs, as well as internships, both on and off campus. Not only is this online job database available for current students at LIU Post to use, it is even open to alumni. JobNet can also help you build your resume and cover letters by giving tips on exactly what future employers are looking for.

JobNet is a career-centered service that specializes in teaching candidates the necessary skills to be hired, and in matching employers to those job hunters. The Office of Career Services, located in Kumble Hall, encourages students to register for JobNet through their LIU student accounts. Registering is simple; all you have to do is fill out a quick survey about you and what good qualities you have to offer for a job, such as being bilingual or having good work ethics.

JobNet is a super easy website to use. It even includes an updated calendar with dates of recruitment workshops on campus, in addition to a resume builder that allows you to enter your achievements and then format a resume correctly. On the left hand side of JobNet’s home page, one tab is the Resource Library with informative attachments one can be downloaded. The attachments include a users guide for JobNet, career fair tips, identifying fraudulent and scam job postings, and medical school resources, just to name a few.

Searching for jobs and narrowing it down by certain criteria can also be completed on JobNet. A “Favorites” tab is available for you to see a job advertisement or opportunity you may be interested in and want to come back to later. Underneath the “My Activity” tab, JobNet users are able to see referrals every time either their resume is sent to an employer, or if they view it. The tab allows you to track your
job placement, and organize your job interview times in an easy-to-read configuration.

If you are looking to make a little more money on the side, or are in need of a serious full-time job but are unsure of how or where to get started, give JobNet a try: The hours of the Career Services Office are Monday through Thursday 9a.m.-7p.m. and Friday 9a.m.-5p.m.

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