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Netflix Preview: “Stranger Things” Season 3

By Christian Klimaszewski

Staff Writer

Fans have waited two long years to return to Hawkins, Indiana and travel to the Upside Down. The trailer for season three of “Stranger Things” was released on March 20. Fans rejoiced when the trailer released because it meant they are just a few months away from rejoining the “Stranger Things” gang on July 4.

“I’m very excited to see the next installment in the “Stranger Things” series. But I’m also interested to see where they will be taking the series,” Nick Mattina, a junior broadcasting major, said.

A scene from the “Stranger Things” season three trailer.

Two weeks after it was released, the trailer already had more the 24 million views on YouTube. “I thought the trailer was really good. It showed us a lot, but not too much to give anything away,” Connor Lambert, a sophomore broadcasting major, said. In the trailer viewers see that the characters have grown up a little.

“It is a fun twist to have it around the Fourth of July. I love the mall setting,” Anthony Cavarretta, a sophomore public relations major, said. In one of the scenes in the trailer, viewers see Eleven, played by Millie Bobby Brown, and Max, played by Sadie Sink, in a mall and Eleven was blown away by the excitement of everything.

In the first two seasons, the “Stranger Things” gang dealt with a monster called a Demogorgon, which is from the Upside Down. “You get a quick look at a new monster that they will have to deal with,” Lambert said about the trailer. Viewers see what is either a new monster or a more evolved version a Demogorgon.

When it comes to watching “Stranger Things,” fans have all different sorts of theories. “I believe Hopper is going die and Eleven will have a breakdown and turn Hawkins upside,” Caveretta said. “This show is so unpredictable, that I don’t even want to make any predictions,” Mattina said.

Fans are just months away from the July 4 Netflix release of the show. So, get your Eggo waffles ready because “Stranger Things” season three is just around the corner.

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