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New Cost for Dorming in Brookville

Tina Kasin Online Editor

Starting next semester, students who wish to live in Brookville Hall will be required to pay an additional five percent of their dorming fees because they’ll have the option of controlling the temperature.

The temperature-controlled accommodations were installed in Brookville Hall within the last ten years, according to Jennifer Fuoco, the director of Residence Life.

“In order to be fair to the residents without the personal heating and cooling option, there will now be a different rate for Brookville,” Fuoco said. “After a review of our accommodations and offerings, the University’s decision was to adjust the rate based on amenities offered,” Fuocco said.

The Office of Residence Life also researched rates at neighboring schools and found that other schools had done the same.

Additionally, there will be single-room options as a result of current residents’ requests. They will be offered in the South Residence Complex, Green. However, not anyone can get them. “They will be assigned based on class standing and priority will be given to those residents who are in good standing with the Office of Community Standards and Civic Engagement,” Fuoco said.

The cost will be $4500 per semester. The room rates are determined by different living plans. The lowest plan begins at $5,470 per semester, which includes either a suite style double or a traditional double and seven meals per week. This rate plan is the same in all residence halls.

The Pioneer learned that Kings Hall was going to be closed off next semester. The Office of Residence Life, according to Fuoco, determines which buildings will be open for room selection each year. “We do so based on oc- cupancy and residents’ preference of living style in recent years. It is too early to determine how many residents will live on campus for fall 2013. If Kings Hall is not open for the fall, there is the possibility that rooms will be renovated to remove carpet and update furniture,” she added.

Students must be registered for fall classes and submit a $300 deposit and a housing application by April 12 in order to choose a room and roommate.

Senior Biology major, Kristy Wong, said she thinks living off campus is the better option. “I think dorms are expensive as it is,” she added. “I think it’s unfair that they are charging people now for something they already had,” said senior Biology major, Hailey Brosnan.

Junior Biology major, Kelly Skinner, used to live in Brookville Hall. “It’s a bit ridiculous because we’ve been able to control the temperature for several years, and now all of a sudden they want to increase the price,” she said.

The Office of Residence Life also emphasizes that there will be no extensions or exceptions to participate in the room lottery if a student submits their forms after Friday by 4 p.m. The room selection will take place on April 19. Applications for single rooms are available at the Office of Residence Life in the lower level of Post Hall and are to be returned by Friday, April 12.

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