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New Dean for College of Management

Ryutaro Takada
Staff Writer

On September 17, The Pioneer had an opportunity to interview the new Dean of the College of Management, Dr. Andrew J. Rosman. He spoke about his new position and goals.

The Pioneer: You became a Dean of the College of Management on July 1. It has now been two months. What do you think of LIU Post so far?

Dr. Andrew J. Rosman: I’m very excited about being here. I’m very impressed with what I’ve seen so far. I already had some opportunities to visit classrooms. I visited two under¬graduate classes and one graduate class and I’m very impressed by the quality of the faculty and students.

TP: How did you decide to come to LIU Post?

AR: I looked at a number of different universities and for a lot of reasons I chose to apply for the position here at LIU Post. One, I am originally from Long Island, and my family is still here. But, I also thought there are a lot of things I can do here.

TP: What do you think of the state of the College of Management? Are there any problems to address?

AR: First, I think there are many very good faculty members in the College of Management. There are a lot of good young faculty who are energetic and very talented. The quality of the students here is very good too. I’m very pleased with what I’ve seen in the classroom. I don’t see problems with the College of Management. However, I see opportunities in a few areas – developing new programs, cutting edge programs, and new delivery methods among others.

TP: What will you change and what will you keep the same as the former Dean?

AR: I’m an academic as well as an administrator. I think I understand and empathize more with faculty about what they need, both from a teaching prospective, and a research prospective. I under¬stand the importance of quality research. I’m in a better position to be able to identify what is needed for the faculty to be able to do their jobs very well.

TP: So many international students are business management majors here. Do you have some advice for them?

AR: I don’t distinguish between international and domestic students because they take the same courses. International students will have more challenges in finding employment. We are going to be hiring a Placement Director for the College of Management to start in January.

TP: What do you think are the strong points of LIU Post?

AR: I think LIU Post is going through a period of reorganization with the new President coming on. With the exception of one Dean, all of the other Deans have been here for less than two years. So the school is going through period of reinventing itself, and in a very positive way. I’m very excited to be taking part of this reinventing period.

TP: Could you give a message to the business students?

AR: I think the most important message for them is to try and get the best college experience they possibly can, which means they have to be more than just students. They have to be involved. The university provides so many opportunities for them. They should join student organizations. I think it’s very important for them to do more than just go to class.

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