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New Dean of Health Professions and Nursing

As her first semester comes to an end Dr. MaryAnn Clark Dean of the College of Health Professions and Nursing took time to reflect on her start here at C.W. Post.

Dr. Clark has just recently settled into her new office in the mansion. The office occupies what used to be called the sweetheart bedroom. Paying tribute to the historical background of her new office, Clark displays pictures of the room as it once was.

Before coming to C.W. Post, Dr. Clark held the position of Associate Provost for Academic Administration at Seaton Hall University. While at Seaton Hall she also taught in the School of Graduate Medical Education. She is taking a break from teaching this year, “There is a lot to do business-wise this year, but in the future I would like to teach again,” says Clark.

Clark says she came here because of the great opportunity to help the college move up in its programs, and to assist the institution with a blended learning experience. “It was a good fit,” she says, “between what I could offer and what they wanted.”

Dr. Clark will be leading the Blended Learning Initiative for the School of Nursing. This program will divide learning, 50 percent at the school and 50 percent online. She says this type of program will be beneficial for adult students, who wish to further their education. “There will always be a need for healthcare professionals, all of our programs a very stable and in demand,” says Clark, “our plan is to help and improve these programs.” Along with this plan Clark hopes to reach out to her faculty this year. She wants to assess their needs, and help them reach their goals.

For right now she’s says, “We are right on target.” The focus is to assist the faculty while at the same time making sure the students are taking care. There will also be a focus on retention and recruiting for the program.

As for the future Clark would like to see online learning expand. She also is looking into the possibility of a partnership with local community colleges. Clark hopes to initiate a program to help nursing students, start their degrees at community colleges and finish their training at C.W. Post.

“It is my responsibility to set the vision for the school, where we want to be in three to five years. We are taking that one semester at a time. Right now the focus for spring is to form a strategy for the future and focus on faculty and students.”


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