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New Degree Program in Homeland Security Offered at Riverhead Campus

New degree program offered at Riverhead

Meghan Glynn

Have you ever wondered what it takes to defend our nation’s security?  Maybe you even thought that Homeland Security could be a career that you wanted to pursue?  Well now, the Riverhead campus of Long Island University is giving students just that opportunity.


A fully online program, Riverhead’s Homeland Security Management Institute offers two programs: one graduate-level, 15-credit Advanced Certificate in Homeland Security Management, and one 36-credit Master of Science degree in Homeland Security Management.  The program is the only registered and accredited Homeland Security graduate program in New York State.  The ease of hosting an online program allows the college to attract the attention of Homeland Security professionals who may be working a great distance from the campus, but are still looking to gain a higher education.


Andrea Borra, the Director of Admissions for the Riverhead campus, added that you don’t have to be far away to attend classes through this program. “We do have a few C.W. Post students that take some Homeland Security courses as electives, and the program is open to any Long Island University campus student,” explained Borra.


In an informational pamphlet about the program, Paul Stockton, a Senior Research Scholar at Stanford University’s Center for International Security and Cooperation said, “The Homeland Security Management Institute programs have been recognized and commended as one of the nation’s leading graduate programs in the Homeland Security/Defense field…they’re the real deal.”


While the program does require a Bachelor’s Degree with a 3.0 GPA from an accredited university to be considered for admission, it will also make some exceptions for those highly motivated homeland security practitioners who may have fulfilled all the requirements for completing a Bachelor’s Degree through the work they’ve completed in their field.


Tom Prygocki, a student currently enrolled in the Master of Science degree in Homeland Security Management, commented that after taking a crime and terrorism class in his undergraduate career at Northeastern University, he knew that homeland security was a field he wanted to pursue as a career.  When asked about why he chose Long Island University, Prygocki explained that, “I think that this really is the best program out there.  The quality of professors, of classes and of student interaction is really unbeatable.  Each student posts weekly and you comment and start discussions with each other based off questions that the professors post.”


Borra added that the program, which was established in 2004, has approximately 170 students currently enrolled in it.  To students who are interested in pursuing a career in homeland security Tom advised that, “There are a lot of homeland security jobs out there and you need to stand out to get an agencies attention.  This program really helps you to do that.”  For more information about this program visit Long Island University Homeland Security Management Institute’s Web site at:


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