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New Greek Orgs on Campus

By Angela Alfano
Staff Writer

Two Greek organizations are joining LIU Post’s Greek Life during the spring 2015 semester. Delta Zeta (DZ) and Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE) have officially been invited by the Greek Life Directors to colonize at LIU Post.

Delta Zeta is a sorority that was founded in 1902, and Sigma Alpha Epsilon is a fraternity that was founded in 1856. Both are now recruiting their first pledge classes who will be the Founding Mothers and Fathers of the newly formed chapters.

Cindy Park. a recruitment counselor for Delta Zeta. Photo: Khadijah Swann
Cindy Park. a recruitment counselor for Delta Zeta.
Photo: Khadijah Swann

Katherine Wieme, Greek Life & Student Involvement Director employed by LIU, said that she believes that these new additions will complement the present Greek community on campus. Both DZ and SAE emphasize scholarship, service, brotherhood/sisterhood, and leadership, according to Wieme.

DZ and SAE are currently holding recruitment events everyday in the main lobby of Hillwood Commons during common hour. In order to officially begin colonization on campus, the recruitment total for each organization must be 15 committed individuals.

The colonizing class of DZ will have girls from the other sororities as their “bigs” and the new DZ girls will be their “littles.” Each “big” could be assigned anywhere from one to three “littles” for this chapter. DZ will be the only Greek organization on campus to have an environmental movement through “Pink Goes Green” (www. SAE will not be looking at other fraternities for Greek Life influence, and will use current members of SAE to lead the new brothers in colonization and teach them about the fraternity.

Breana Martinez, a junior Journalism major and Vice President of Recruitment and Marketing for the Inter Greek Council for Alpha Xi Delta, signed up to be a friend of DZ and a Panhellenic “big sister” to one of the Founding Mothers of DZ. Martinez and other sorority sisters will be showing the incoming sisters of DZ the ins and outs of Greek Life by hosting events together and educating the new members of what Greek Life has to offer, as well as the benefits of being part of a sorority.

“We are expected to treat the girls as if they were littles from our own sorority,” Martinez said. “We are supposed to host events side by side as sororities and spend time with each other, which isn’t exactly a chore.”

DZ will have their “Big and Little” reveal on March 4. This will also be the start of initiation, which is a private event where the girls will be officially welcomed to the sorority and to LIU Post Greek Life.

Adam Beckerleg, Coordinator of Expansion for SAE Fraternity, has been leading the recruitments at Post, and will be the one to educate the incoming class of brothers. Beckerleg said he wants to emphasize campus and community involvement, as well as interacting with other fraternities on campus. Beckerleg also said this fraternity is a great opportunity for students because they will be the ones in control of this chapter. He compared the experience of starting this chapter to starting a business. “Students are in charge. They will be recruiting new members, and gaining leadership skills.”

For more information, log onto the fraternities national websites at, and

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