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New LIU Post Clothing Line Features Today’s Trends

Cristina Foglietta
Staff Writer

With the rebranding of LIU Post that started at the beginning of 2012, a new clothing line entered the campus as well. The new line is in the bookstore featuring tee shirts, sweatshirts, and sweatpants displaying the school’s new name and logo. The clothing line has a fresh look and modern style that is very different from the previous C.W. Post line. Students seem to have mixed feelings about this new design.

Several students do not like the LIU line and prefer the C.W. Post line better. “The old style is better because when the new one came out it looked plain and empty,” said Kamolochanok Koonvisal, a sophomore business management major. Koonvisal says she has bought nothing from the new LIU line. Other student expressed similar feelings. “The new style is very plain, I don’t plan on buying anything that says LIU Post,” said Ashley Harloff, a junior computer science major. Harloff says she has a few items of the C.W. Post attire. Many of the C.W. Post sweatshirts have multiple colors on each one and contain a stitched CW. Post. The LIU Post sweatshirts are one solid color with a press on LIU. The C.W. Post line was more colorful and it contained different shades and patterns. The LIU Post line features a lot of solid neutral colors; it is more basic with no patterns.

A few freshmen prefer the C.W. Post line as well. “I like the C.W. Post styles better and want to buy stuff in that line,” says Kim Balskey, a freshman who is undecided in her major. “I like the C.W. Post color combinations better,” said Amanda Viteritti, a fresh¬man psychology major.

The bookstore is still selling what is left of the C.W. Post line at a discounted price. There is not much left of the old line, one rack of clothing in limited sizes. Balskey and Viteritti wanted to buy C.W. Post sweatpants but couldn’t because their sizes were unavailable. The only sweatpants available in the bookstore in the C.W. Post line are size XXL. Apparel from the LIU Post line is avail¬able in the bookstore and online at

However, there are also other students that like the new LIU clothing line. “It’s more modern, new and fresh,” said Lindsey Passaro, a junior music education major. She says she has not gotten anything from the line yet, but she plans to do so. “I like the new shades, their more trendy and up to date,” said Passaro.

“I like the LIU Post clothing line better; this new look is more modern and clean,” said Angela Aiello, a senior speech mythology major. Many feel the same. “I like the LIU Post line better, it looks brand new and the C.W. Post line looks old. I feel like we’re stepping up,” said Alex Lopez, a graduate clinical lab major.

It took time for certain students to embrace the new line and logo of LIU Post. “At first, I saw the line and didn’t like it be¬cause it was too blocky,” said David Armas, a junior sociology-anthropology major. After a while he changed his mind. “Now I like the basic colors and delta signs on the sweat¬shirts,” said Armas.

Christopher Silva, a sophomore, agreed. “At first, I thought the logo didn’t fit the campus which is homey. The shirts are not,” said Silva, who is undecided on his major. He then came to a realization. “The new logo is more modern and fits the time period we are in,” he concluded. “The new logo is grow¬ing on me now that I’m seeing various types of it on the clothing. I like that aspect of it.”

Some students have suggestions for the LIU apparel. “They should make more girl style color combinations in the new line,” said Viteritti. She likes the color combinations of pink and gray in the sweatpants from the C.W. Post line. Another student has a suggestion to improve the new line. “I’m not against the new LIU Post brand, but if they can make the design more appealing then maybe it will attract the students to buy it more,” said Koonvisal.

Will students buy the new line? There is an assortment of tee shirts, long sleeve shirts, sweatshirts and sweatpants in the LIU line. But if students already have the C.W. Post merchandise, what would make them want to buy items from the LIU line now? Harooff says she is still going to wear her C.W. Post attire. “I don’t plan on buying anything that says LIU Post; it doesn’t make a difference to me and it is very expensive,” said Haroof.

No matter what your opinion on the LIU Post clothing line is, the reality is that it is here to stay. We are now and will continue to be LIU Post.

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