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New Minors at LIU Post

By Kristen Linsalata
Assistant News Editor

For the 2014-2015 academic year, LIU Post is implementing 22 new minors in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, the College of Education, Information, and Technology, and the School of Visual and Performing Arts — a move that Dr. Jeffrey Kane, the Vice President for Academic Affairs since 2002, believes will increase enrollment and student satisfaction.

The selection of a minor can enrich a student’s academic career and career prospects after graduation, while simultaneously allowing a student to explore his/her passion and personal interests. Selecting a minor can aid in broadening a student’s skills, expanding his/her area of expertise, and diversifying the resume.

“I think that LIU desperately needs to add not only new minors, but new majors,” said Jenny Edgengard, a junior English major. “Nevertheless, I’m glad that we are expanding. Hopefully, people will take notice and it will entice more students to enroll because without enrollment, there will be little revenue.”

Edgengard conveys a concern that many LIU students can relate to after Post was listed in Forbes’ Aug. 13, 2013 issue, “Is Your College Going Broke?,” as being one of the least financially fit schools in America. With low enrollment, how will Post be able to financially support its existing clubs, sports teams, and academic pursuits?

Kane believes that adding these new minors will provide students with the variety and exploration that they need to feel fulfilled in their academic pursuits, as well as assist with enrollment. “To build a successful career, today’s graduates need a breadth and depth of experiences and education. By adding the option of minors for LIU Post students, we are hoping to give our students the chance to explore complementary educational areas that will render them [as] more marketable and better-rounded professionals,” said Kane.

In the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences: the Forensic Chemistry, Forensics Genetics, Forensic Phycology, Criminalistics, Environmental Sustainability, Global Climate Change, French Area Studies, Italian Area Studies, Hispanic Area Studies, Health Care Administration, Financial Engineering, Gender & Society, Race, Ethnicity & Society, and Social Change & Social Inequalities minors have been added.

In the College of Education: Information & Technology, the Sports Management, Equine Studies, Game Development, Information Management, Information Technology, and Programming minors have been added.

In the School of Visual and Performing Arts: Communications and Fashion Merchandising minors have been added.

Kane believes that these additions will prove to be positive
for students because “they create new and varied opportunities for specialized study, in accordance with student interests and career aspirations.” However, while most students believe that this change is positive, some students believe that the university still has a long way to go.

“When I first was applying to colleges, I overlooked LIU
Post because they didn’t even have my major, let alone minor,” said Edgengard. “LIU Post promises students that they will show us ‘how good we really are’, and the implementation of new minors is a good way to start accomplishing that.”


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