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New Student Government President Jared Ciborowski takes on C.W. Post campus

By: Hope Coen
Staff Writer

Last Saturday morning Jared Ciborowski, the new president of Student Government, took time from his busy schedule to tell readers about his big plans for the 2010-2011 school year. Jared, a junior majoring in early childhood education, was said to be “everyone’s best friend” when students were asked their opinions on the new SGA president. Jared is currently a resident who enjoys watching a variety of sports, hanging out with friends, and spontaneously going out to have fun. Jared has held many leadership positions on campus before becoming president of the SGA; he was an RA, Orientation leader, member of SGA and SRA, head of the food committee and orientation coordinator. When asked why Jared wanted to be president his answer was simple, “I feel that I can make positive changes throughout the school and know that my ideas will be supported and put into action. I have been a big student voice for awhile and have given up my status as RA in order to take on this position and I am confident that my friendliness and respected voice will help to make the necessary changes on campus.”

The SGA is an organization that welcomes all students to join and voice their opinions and concerns about Post. The SGA serves three main purposes. One is to be the mediator between the students and administration. Two is to be the voice of the students. Thirdly, the SGA oversees all clubs around the campus, making sure they are up to date with all of their paperwork.

When asked what Jared generally expects of this academic year he responded with full confidence that he wants to “ make students feel they have a voice,” on what is or isn’t going on within their school.  Jared wants the SGA to be a well-structured organization that will be the leader of the campus and its students.  So far, the SGA has already extended the food hours such as the Subway in Hillwood Commons and in Winnick–along with the “banner bash” which takes the written concerns of students and divides them among groups and clubs in order to make sure that these are no longer concerns.

For this school year, Jared and the SGA plan to continuously improve the campus. Jared claims that, “ not all improvements are materialistic, it is about building the student body to be a whole, not separated into groups such as commuters and residents but grouped all as students of C.W. Post.” The SGA also plans to install luxuries such as HD channels, WiFi in the residence halls and having a meal plan for the commuter students who are just as much a part of this school as the residents. Already, we have received new and “beautiful” shuttle buses that now include trips to Pathmark in order for students to grocery shop and/or get special items that they need. All the renovations, future and current, are because of the concerns and comments of the students. SGA simply listens to the students and does everything it can to make the necessary changes.

As for the new addition of common hour, Jared explains, although commuters may be angry at the fact that they might have to stay an hour longer, it is only to benefit every student. A lot of people including Jared felt that due to long schedules and heavy workloads, an hour in the day should be dedicated to “not thinking about classes but doing you.” It is felt by many that with hectic schedules, many students are not getting the full college experience.

It is often overlooked that the SGA is here to help the students become one body. In order to do this, it looks at all angles of the campus and figures out what it is that our students deserve.  When asked about the compliance of the administration, Jared explains, “administration is very cooperative and very understanding of the needs and concerns of the students. So making changes such as extending the food hours was no problem for the SGA because the administration is not here to strictly control us but to make us as satisfied with our school as we can be.”

The SGA meets every Tuesday night at 6:30 p.m. in the Top of Hillwood Commons and is always looking for new members at anytime.  Jared wants freshman to know that they might want to join  “ in order to represent a voice and leader on campus where you will hopefully find your own niche.” For those pondering the idea of joining SGA, you should be aware that “you will know that the ideas and actions you have in mind will get done and that your ideas will help your fellow students.”

Jared specifically would like to point out that on September 23rd there will be a Town Hall meeting during common hour [location to be determined] in which you will be in the presence of administration. Jared welcomes everyone and will give them an open floor to voice their opinions and concerns directly to administration. This is a great opportunity for everyone to show their voice and leadership within the C.W. Post community.

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