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New Team at LIU Global

Last updated on Oct 23, 2017

By Jada Butler
News Editor

Long Island University includes many separate entities other than LIU Post – LIU Brooklyn, the satellite campuses in Brentwood and Riverhead, and LIU Global. Among the many administrative changes made throughout Long Island University before the fall semester began, the LIU Global “campus” has new leadership. The new Dean of LIU Global is Duleep Deosthale, and the new Assistant Dean for Recruitment is Christopher Salute.

Photo courtesy of Christopher Salute, assistant Dean of LIU Post

LIU Global has international campuses in Costa Rica, China, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Australia available for the first three years of the program. The fourth and final year, starts out with the International Research and Internship Semester (IRIS) in which the student can study in an LIU Global center or program of their choice, and ends with a capstone semester at the LIU Brooklyn campus, where students complete another internship and develop a senior thesis before graduating with a BA in LIU Global Dean Jeffrey Belnap, who was also the Acting Dean of the LIU Post College of Liberal Arts last year, left the university in August. Deosthale, who replaced him at the beginning of this school year, was the co-founder of Admission Table, a Silicon Valley based and funded education technology company that used mobile technology to recruit international students for universities worldwide. Deosthale had been working in international education for over 25 years, in both academics and administration. Some of his accomplishments include his help in building Manipal International University in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, a branch campus for Marist College, New York, in Italy, and dozens of study abroad programs and centers for various international organizations in over 40 countries. He has lived and worked in over 10 countries, has traveled to over 100 countries and can speak several languages.

“I am a passionate believer in the global college,” Deosthale said. He believes a global program can provide students with insights into the changing global environment by giving them skills to engage with cultures across the world. “My effort is to give [LIU Global] national and international visibility and to make it grow to its full potential,” he said.

Photo courtesy of Duleep Deosthale, new Dean of LIU Global.

In order to expand the program, which currently enrolls 30 to 40 freshmen students and 5-10 transfer students each year according to its website, Deosthale plans to create both “traditional and nontraditional” opportunities for students. By implementing new short term and semester long programs, as well as internship opportunities in various parts of the world, Deosthale hopes to complement student portfolios and resumés with new academic experiences. Deosthale also wants to create opportunities for faculty to lead some of these programs and to look for collaborative efforts in their academic disciplines around the world that they could bring back to the classroom.

Salute agrees LIU Global is often referred to as the university’s “best kept secret” by students, he said, and that is something that he wants to change. “I don’t like secrets,” he said. “My goal is to share the secret with everybody.”

Salute was appointed head of LIU Promise at the Post campus in January 2016 but left that position in February 2017. He did not disclose his reason for leaving. Before working in “academia,” Salute spent 10 years in the private sector in training, human capital, marketing and technology for large companies like Yahoo! Inc. and BMW. Salute has worked on four continents before coming to LIU, Salute was Program Chair, Assistant Dean and Executive Director at Mercy College, according to his LinkedIn page, where he said that he helped students transition to college and gain internships, as well as develop curriculum, manage faculty and grow all aspects of the program.

Salute enjoys working with his university colleagues, and refers to them as a “hotbed” of talent for their “knack for developing a vision and attracting the best people.” At LIU Global, Salute wants to continue the tradition of excellence while adding his own skills to help grow it. “The great thing about LIU is that we are all a team, so whomever I am partnered with at other departments, our responsibilities are always the same: continue to build a better institution,” he said.

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