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New York Ready for Major League Baseball’s Return

By Joseph Chang, Staff Writer

Baseball fans are excited as the MLB 2021 season begins. Fans can watch the games as they untangle their crossed-fingers and start to watch players kick into high gear, a step closer to witnessing fan’s predictions and expectations, hopefully, come to fruition.

Some students have very high expectations for their favorite teams.  Ryan Boettcher, a sophomore broadcasting major, expects  “a playoff appearance after a five-year drought for the Mets.”

Boettcher expects the Mets to excel this season.

“The Mets have a ton of depth with the pitchers and hitters that Sandy and Zach Scott picked up, so I expect us to improve as a team,” he said.

Some have even higher expectations. Dean Carfora, a junior business administration major, enthusiastically talked of his team, the Yankees, saying that he expects a championship run.

 “They will make the World Series and win it.  While that may be a bold statement, it has almost been a decade and a half since they won in 2009.  In the team’s history, they have won 27 out of the 40 times they were in the World Series, which is pretty good if you ask me, so I hope that they are able to revive the once second nature legacy,” he said.

Perhaps what’s more thrilling is the official news that fans will be able to return to the stadiums.  Boettcher expressed that he is “very excited for the new season, especially because of the ability for fans to return.  I have some tickets, and I’m hoping to attend.”  

Though most of the stadiums will be only at about twenty percent capacity (including the Mets and Yankees), most student fans are just grateful to attend.  Carfora conveyed that he “really missed not being able to go last year.”  

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