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Newman Club’s ‘International Friendship Night’ Welcomes New Members

By: Alea Rahim
Online Editor

Last week at the campus Chapel, the Newman club hosted their annual event, “International Friendship Night.” The president of the organization, Becky Wetzel, confidently led the occasion. The night involved several ice-breaker activities that brought the Newman club members closer to the participating international students. The purpose of the event was to warmly welcome the new international students, mingle with them, and most importantly, introduce them to the Newman club.

The Newman Catholic Community was one of the first clubs here at Post. It was established in 1955 and their values of hospitality, involvement, openness, friendship, and faith haven’t changed. The only difference this year is the expansion of the organization. There are three new societies under Newman: Newman Ultimate Frisbee Society (NUFS), a group that plays Frisbee and other games during common hour and on weekends, the Newman New Media Society, which will be producing a bi-weekly video on various topics, and the Newman Art Society, a group that will hold discussions and creative art forums. These additions are helping to accomplish Wetzel’s goal of being more active on campus. “[We want] to become more visible on campus and to find out students’ needs,” said Wetzel. “So that we can carry out programs that benefit everyone.”

Wetzel‘s other goal this semester is to co-sponsor as many clubs on campus as she can. She finds that co-sponsorship is a useful method in promoting an organization’s message. For example, Wetzel is hoping to have more co-sponsors to aid Newman with their biggest event this 2010: Homeless Awareness Week. Throughout the first week of November, the clubs that will be active in the event will help Newman cooperate with The Interfaith Nutrition Network (INN) to aid the homeless youth.

Lastly, Wetzel aims to get more students involved with the Newman club because according to Wetzel, it’s not just an organization, it’s an experience. “I have seen people change through being in Newman; it simply is a place where you can be yourself and find life-long friends,” said Wetzel. “I think one of our community’s main assets is its ability to empower individuals to be themselves and make a difference in this world.”

The Newman Club meets every Wednesday at 7pm at the Chapel.

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