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NFL Season is BACK on Campus!

Kahleel Bragg
Staff Writer


The fall is upon us, which means Sunday and Monday nights on campus are not just dedicated to homework and studies, but are also heavily dedicated to America’s own sport. The NFL season is in its fourth week and students are extremely thrilled and passionate about the big games and their teams.

There are local bars and restaurants in the LIU Post area in which you can watch the games. According to students, Buffalo Wild Wings (BWW), located in Broadway Mall in Hicksville, is the most popular for football on Sunday and Monday nights. This is mainly because of the deals on their delicious wings and the more than 30 flat screen televisions. BWW gives its customers the opportunity to watch several different games at the same time while enjoying a great meal with friends. What more can you ask for?

“Football is extremely influential on campus,” according to Electronic Media sophomore Akeem Victor. “Before I started dorming at school, I used to just watch the Super Bowl, but since my friends are so heavy on football, it’s an every Sunday routine for me. We get together in someone’s room, order Papa Johns, argue, yell, and just have a good

time.” On campus, there are a few places in which students get together and watch the games on Sunday and Monday nights besides their dorm rooms. A slim number of the football athletes get together in the Winnick Hall and watch the games on the new flat screen that was installed this year. Some of the students may also watch the games together in the Brookville Dormitory lounge that has a TV. Once in a while, when the big games are on, students may go into the Fishbowl in Hillwood Commons

to watch a few of the games together. Sophomore Matthew Ferere, an Information Technology major

and defensive back for the LIU Post Pioneers, believes that football is heavily supported on this campus. “On Sundays it’s all football here. Whether you’re male or female, there’s a good majority of students all together watching it,” says Ferere. “I, myself, stay in my room watching the games while doing a little homework with friends. I love football so it’s a chill, relaxing time for me on Sundays and Monday nights.”

Football is America’s sport and the most watched game in United States. This campus is no disappointment when it comes to supporting the NFL on Sundays and Mondays. Yes, there is lot of yelling, screaming, and arguing, but it is all from the thrill that the game delivers and all out of fun.

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