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No car? No problem!

By Mirna Youssef
Features Editor

There are so many great things about going away to college. There’s the opportunity to make new friends, take unique classes, try new things and, of course, be independent. There are so many things to do near campus that there’s no reason to be bored. Students should never feel stuck just because they don’t have a car, because thankfully, there are two shuttles that run off campus.

1. Wheatley Plaza — The Greenvale Loop is the shuttle that picks up students from Hillwood and runs to Whealey, NYIT, and then stops at Moe’s/Wendy’s.

The plaza includes several stores that make it a convenient stop for students. Some of the stores include: Pathmark, Starbucks, Salon Pop, and Wheatley Nails & Beauty. The stop at NYIT makes it convenient for our students to go see a doctor, if necessary.

The shuttle takes students to off-campus locations. By Khadijah Swann
The shuttle takes students to off-campus locations. By Khadijah Swann

2. Broadway Mall — The Hicksville Loop is the shuttle that takes residents from campus to the Broadway Mall, and then to the Hicksville LIRR. The shuttle picks up students by Hillwood, as well as by Brookville Hall.

“The best places near campus would have to be in Broadway Mall,” said Francilla Saul, a junior Business Management major.

“You can always take the off-campus shuttle to get there. It has a Panera, my personal favorite, and a Buffalo Wild Wings. Whenever you need to get something quickly or need a break from school, it’s the best place to go for a not so crowded mall trip.”

The mall also includes Macy’s, IKEA, Target, Charlotte Rousse, Forever 21, Hollister, Footlocker, and many, many more!

3. More Eateries — Of course some students have cars or their friends have cars, so there are many places near campus that you can visit yourself.

“Bagel Boss or Kitchen Kabaret are my favorite places because I love food and Bagel Boss is open 24/7, which is awesome and Kitchen Kab has food for everyone,” said Kaycee Zelkovsky, a sophomore Speech Pathology major.

These two places are located roughly 10 minutes away. Bagel Boss is located on Oyster Bay Road in Hicksville and Kitchen Kabaret is on Glen Cove Road.

Grace Illias, a sophomore Health Science major, agrees with Zelkovsky, and said that, “Bagel Boss is an awesome place, because it’s open 24/7, and Shake a Paw is great for stress relief with exams or just random down days.” If you want to stop by and have a relaxing afternoon, Shake a Paw is located on S Broadway in Hicksville.

4. Games Galore — If you’re looking for a fun time out you can call a cab or carpool with your friends to nearby places to relax, eat and play some games.

“Dave & Busters is a great place to hang out and decompress after a long week,” said Giovanna Domingo, a sophomore Accounting major with a minor in Finance. “They have great food, and racing games, skee-ball, and my personal favorite, air hockey.” Dave & Busters is located on Old Country Road in Westbury.

Bounce! is a large trampoline center located on Michael Drive in Syosset, which makes you feel like a kid again. Both Dave & Busters and Bounce! are roughly 20-30 minutes away from campus.

Post is full of fun possibilities that span beyond just the campus itself, so don’t be afraid to venture out, try new foods, play some games, and have a good time!

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