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One Dress Three Outfits

One Dress Three Outfits
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Tina Kasin
Staff Writer

Do you look in your closet and tell yourself you have nothing to wear? Have you ever thought of how easy it is to style on basic piece of clothing and get several different outfits out of it? All it takes is some creativity. Holiday parties are coming up, and the never-ending nightmare of what to wear is about to haunt you again.

Every girl needs at least one simple black dress, also known as a LBD (little black dress). If you don’t have one, now is a good time to go get one. It’s easy to style for every event.

This black dress is from, and you can get it for $27.80.

Outfit # 1: Put on a couple of bracelets (as shown in the picture above) in your favorite colors and a pair of black heals, and you are ready to go. Curl your hair or straighten it. Any hair-do will look good with this outfit.
Or try this necklace, a pair of blue heals and your black dress. Necklace:, $11.80.

Outfit # 2: Get a white blazer jacket and put it on over your black dress for a professional look. Step into a pair of black heals or flats. Tuck your hair into a ponytail, and put on your favorite watch. This white blazer is also from, and you can get it for $32.80.

Outfit # 3: Putting a top with long sleeves over your black dress is going to make it look like you are wearing a skirt and a top. Try this top from for only $19.80.

There are many ways to be creative in the fashion world, and all you need is a little bit of inspiration, a good shopping friend and enough space in your wardrobe.

“I have a yellow cardigan that I think is really nice. I can style it with anything; even my sweatpants look good with it. Also, I do have a black dress,” said Maiken Prestmo, a sophomore Political Science major.

“I have a favorite sweater I will wear to anything from school to parties,” said Thomas Rebnord, a sophomore Business Management major.

Have fun with finding your favorite outfits. Remember, the only thing you need to start with is a basic piece of clothing.

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