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P.A.G.E.S host Tournament for Child’s Play Charity

By Jenny Edengard
Staff Writer

On April 9 from 6:30 p.m. – 9 p.m., the Post Anime Gaming and Entertainment Society (P.A.G.E.S) is hosting a charity tournament in the fishbowl in Hillwood Commons. The main event will consist of a deck building card game, and then participants will play a Swiss Tournament in 45 minutes, best of two out of three matches. The top eight players will receive prizes. The winner’s prize is “Magic: The Gathering” 2015 Fat Pack; second place prize is a MTG 2015 Deck Builders Tool Kit.

Students play video games in the Game Room. Photo: Tia-Mona Greene
Students play video games in the Game Room.
Photo: Tia-Mona Greene

All proceeds from the event will be donated to Child’s Play, a charity that provides children in hospitals with toys and games. Participants donate $5 to Child’s Play to participate in the tournament. For the $5 fee to enter the tournament, participants receive “Magic: The Gathering Intro Pack,” which contains one pre-constructed 60-card deck and two Booster Packs, which in stores costs up to $20. The cards in the pack are to be used during the tournament, but each player gets to keep their cards after the event.

“The event is open to everyone, and it is not a must to participate in the card game – everyone is welcome to come and watch the tournament,” said Ryan Cavanaugh, a senior Criminal Justice and History major, and president of P.A.G.E.S.

The gaming and anime club has been on campus for a long time, and Cavanaugh described his club’s history. “This year is P.A.G.E.S’ tenth year at Post. Although we’ve had different names in past years, it’s always been the same club.”

“We are a big group of friendly people who come together to have fun with [those] who share similar interests. We’re very laid-back people who are into a huge range of video games, tabletop games, TV shows, movies, and anime. We do just about everything,” Cavanaugh said.

Cavanaugh mentioned that the choice to fundraise for Child’s Play during the tournament was a given, as the charity’s goal goes hand in hand with the club’s standpoint. “Our goal is to bring fun to everyone. This is why we often work with the charity Child’s Play, because they bring fun toys and games to sick children who need a [reason] to smile.” According to Child’s Play’s website, their goal is to improve the life of children in hospitals and domestic violence shelters by providing them with games and toys.

“Our club has never done an event exactly like the charity tournament before, however, we have run charity gaming tournaments featuring Super Smash Bros and Mortal Kombat, and have worked with Child’s Play in the past,” Cavanaugh explained. The club’s previous gaming tournaments have had huge successes: “We hope this tournament will turn out even better,” Cavanaugh added.

Ben Doscher, a senior Accounting major who is a member of P.A.G.E.S, said “I’m really excited about this event, I hope to see a lot of participants in the tournament so that we can raise a lot of money for a great charity.”

“I will attend the event and encourage everyone to come, as all proceeds go to a great cause,” said Alexander Najman, a professor of Philosophy and the advisor of P.A.G.E.S, said.

P.A.G.E.S meets every Tuesday at 6 p.m in the Game Room, which is located on the first floor of Hillwood Commons. “During our meetings we usually play some games, watch a few movies or anime shows, and really just chill and have a good time. Everyone is welcome to join us,” Cavanaugh said.

For more information about the club, visit their Facebook page at

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