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Peer Perspective: An Inside Scoop On A Student Leader

By Erica Ferrara
Staff Writer

Allie Wise, a freshman double majoring in marketing and environmental science, has been immersed into college life for nearly two- and-a-half weeks, and she has already begun to make her presence known. Wise is the Vice President of Human Resources for the student- run businesses on campus as well as Vice President of recruitment for Phi Beta Lambda (PBL).

Photo: Erica Ferrera Allie Wise has taken on various leadership roles after only three weeks on campus
Photo: Erica Ferrera
Allie Wise has taken on various leadership roles after only three weeks on campus

Wise, just like many other students on campus, expressed her interest in being involved with the businesses on campus and she worked tirelessly over the summer with her peers, both upperclassmen and freshmen, to prepare for the upcoming school year. She helped recruit e-board members over the summer, who do various operational work, such as stocking and public relations. Allie was offered the job in early May of last semester, and has recruited roughly 30 e-board members since.

Her job as VP of Human Resources doesn’t stop at hiring people; Wise is also responsible for making the contracts and writing employees up if they violate said contract. As a spokesperson for the employees under all six businesses, Allie also has to play mediator in tight situations. Oftentimes she is found to be the student run business’ biggest fan.

“People who are happy at their job don’t see it as work and so they produce better work, are friendlier, and work harder,” Wise said. She is currently in charge of helping run all six student run businesses including: The End Zone, Pioneer Nation, Hutton & Post, The Student Body Boutique, The Dollhouse, and Time Out.

When she isn’t doing her VP duties, Wise is working as a floater—a helping hand to whatever business is in need at that particular time—or she is working a shift, mostly at Pioneer Nation. When asked what her favorite business is, Allie answered, “Oh no! That’s like choosing a favorite child!” Though she is wholeheartedly dedicated to all six businesses, she did confess to a preference for Pioneer Nation, the store that she works at the most.

“I love promoting Pioneer Pride and just being around people who love Post just as much as I do,” Wise said.

As VP, Wise has many responsibilities. She has set goals for herself and the businesses this semester, hoping to maintain a positive environment within the businesses that enable every employee to be happy at work. Additionally, Wise hopes to promote the businesses with key marketing strategies and have more people come in and be interested in the stores and their work.

Wise describes her work as, “a big responsibility, but one I’m happy to take. I barely feel like I’m working and I really love my job. It’s something I’d recommend everyone to get involved in even if you just stop in and chat with us.”

There are several e-board positions available. Wise often looks for people who are committed, enthusiastic, and hardworking. Work- study students are encouraged to apply, but it is not limited to just work-study. To contact Wise, email her at

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