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Pep Rally fills the Campus with Post Pride

By Jill Borowski
Staff Writer

This past Friday, LIU Post held its annual Homecoming Pep Rally. This was the first time Pep Rally was held outdoors; the event took place at the new Bethpage Federal Credit Union Stadium. The stands were packed with cheering fans, loud, energetic music, and an atmosphere that revved up the students for homecoming the next day.

The Pep Rally showcased all of the student athletes from different sports teams—such as the golf team, the volleyball team, and of course the football team—as well as other organizations.

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The teams were announced by name as they approached the field while the stands went wild. Performances at the Pep Rally featured the Pioneerettes, the school’s kickline, the LIU Post cheerleaders and the Dance Team. Faye Bourie, a senior Psychology major, performed in the Post Student Dance Association’s act at the Pep Rally. “It was a really great experience performing at the Pep Rally—it’s nice to see how all our work and dedication finally paid off—and also all of the Post Pride. Go Pioneers!”

“I love going to Post, and the Pep Rally and homecoming [events] are great ways for everyone to get together to show much they love the school. I had a great time at the Pep Rally, and I cannot wait for homecoming,” said Robert Goldstein, a junior Accounting major and Phi Sigma Kappa fraternity member. Towards the end of the Pep Rally, the M.C. announced the winners of Homecoming King and Queen and the crowd responded with applause. Romar Lyle was named Homecoming King and Christina Principato was named Queen.

The new king and queen received crowns to wear and made a huge announcement for their new titles. The Pep Rally concluded with the Dance Team and cheerleaders rushing the field along without the school’s mascot, the Pioneer.

“[Homecoming is] a great experience to allow students to come together and show their school spirit,” said Stephanie Rubenfeld, a senior Psychology major. “It really allows commuter students to get involved in a way in which they normally wouldn’t have because they are not on campus as much.”

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