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Pet Of The Week: Meet Penny!

By Victoria Onorato
Staff Writer

Sarah Tsang, a freshman forensic science major, is the proud owner of a half teacup yorkie and half yorkie, Penny, who is 16-years-old. Tsang’s family chose the name for their dog because her fur is the color of a penny.

Photo Courtesy of Sarah Tsang

The Tsang family adopted Penny from the North Shore Animal Shelter in 2010 when she was about 8 years-old. “I think of my dog as my sister,” Tsang said, as Penny as become an important part of the Tsang family.

Penny is soft, quiet, and gentle. She’s very energetic and dances in circles and jumps before she goes out for walks. She’s small in size with wired hair. “I like how she looks like a moving stuffed animal,” Tsang said.

“Sometimes I miss Penny since I dorm,” Tsang said. Penny is cared for by Tsang’s parents while Tsang is away at school.

One of Penny’s favorite activities is going on car rides. Penny sits down in the driver’s seat when Tsang’s parents drive and enjoys the ride. “She likes to smell out the window,” she said.

Penny also likes to go for walks and eat American cheese and apples. If Penny were on campus, she would explore as much as she can, Tsang said. “She would be smelling around the entire campus because she loves new smells and new places.”

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