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Photo Club Hosts Alumni Show

By Milan Flagler, Staff Writer

Saturday, Oct. 17, the art department held a virtual exhibition for their Alumni artists.  Caroline Bert, host of the virtual reception, opened the club’s doors to current students, professors and alumni.  The reception was held to showcase the pieces created by Alumni of Post and to speak on the artistic processes and emotions that sparked their artwork to life.  

Artists revealing their artistic processes to aspiring artists filled the virtual room with a sense of connection and hope. Aside from serving as a showcase for work and artists, attendees were allowed to ask the panel of showcased artists questions on their artistic processes, how they found their voice to their artwork, how they overcame obstacles and finally, life as an artist after graduation.  The alumni invited were able to relive their college days through their selected pieces.  A major theme of the photos during the exhibit were college memories and transitioning into life after university.  Each Alumni thanked Post for their student experiences and artistic breakthroughs each has encountered.  

The virtual exhibit revealed that for each artist, the artistic process is completely different.  When creating art, it’s explained that you find yourself in finding your art style.   “I like to use my creativity as a voice for the ocean and sea animals.  I’m sure you’ve seen how poorly humans treat the ocean and its inhabitants.  I try to convey the cries of the ocean and her beautiful life-forms into my work, so more humans view the destruction that they have caused.  If others can see the beauty that the ocean holds, then that’s where we can begin to truly rescue our ocean.” Danielle Savarese, an alumni from the class of 2020 said.

  As the exhibition went on, each artist dived deeper into the origins of their work.  Joie Candido, an Alumni from the class of 2019 expressed thanks to the art department for allowing her to obtain the ability to transcend artistic expressions to various students.  Her favorite form is art therapy.  Art therapy is a distinct discipline that incorporates creative methods of expression through visual art media.  

“At a point in my life, I feel that my art saved me.  It started with an artistic blockage where I couldn’t create.  I’d go to my canvas and stare at it for hours, sometimes I’d cry depending on how overwhelmed I was.  School and life were stressing me out at the same time, and it trickled into every part of my life.  I finally got that first sign of relief when I began art therapy.  I stopped focusing on the finished product and just enjoyed the journey to the finish.  My art began speaking to me at that point, maybe because I wasn’t so focused on the end piece and the criticizations, but rather I enjoyed my time spent creating, the flows of my brush, the colors blending on my canvas, and then finally connecting it all into one piece.  I hope my work speaks for what I’ve come through.  I want all artists to at least explore art therapy when they are feeling drained or blocked creatively.  Put the brush to your canvas and just go wild,” said Candido.  

The art department invites those who have a passion for art and wish to be around those who share that same passion.  The community allows each member to find themselves through their personal artwork and the support that is shared throughout the department.  

“LIU Post Art department helped further my artistic exploration by one, helping me hone my craft.  Two, giving me a community of talented colleagues and professors who inspire me.  And finally, three, the Art Department taught me to be confined in my artwork and ideas.” Hannah Kerin, graduate of fine arts of the class of 2020, said. 

The art department virtual alumni exhibition presented an opportunity for these creatives to display their artwork and the processes that led them to the end goal.  In the process of this, current art students or faculty members were allowed to ask questions and connect for mentorship or creative collaboration.  The general theme of support and finding the foundation of personal artwork resonated well with the members attending the virtual call.  

Sharon Papp, graduate class of 2020 with a master’s in fine arts shared her views on the matter, “I am grateful for the conversations, critiques, and collective support stemming from the tight-knit community of Post Art faculty and fellow students.  Throughout my years at LIU, I found a sense of self, belonging, and artistic integrity.”  

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