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Pink is Tougher Than Some May Think!

By Jacklyn Stringham

Kappa Sigma raises money for Breast Cancer Awareness. By Tia-Mona Greene
Kappa Sigma raises money for Breast Cancer Awareness. By Tia-Mona Greene

Staff Writer

The month of October is known as Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

This is a time to honor and admire those who are fighting, or have at some point had to fight, the difficult battle against breast cancer. During this month, pink becomes the symbol of strength and hope for these individuals and their families. All over the world, money is being raised to help find the cure, and as college students, foundations everywhere encourage participating in something this important.

How To Get Involved

  • For those who do want to get involved, here are some great activities going on in New York that could help save a life. On Oct. 24, the Inc Lounge at the Time Hotel in Manhattan is holding its Kicked It In Heels 2nd Annual Breast Cancer Fundraiser. The fundraiser focuses on the beauty of surviving. The event raises funds for the things men and women may need while going through cancer treatments, such as wigs and reconstruction. The tickets are $50, but if that is over your budget, or you are unable to attend, the website gives anyone the opportunity to donate any amount of money they would like toward the cause.
  • On Oct. 29, the Ellen Hermanson Foundation is holding an event called Take A Bite Out of Breast Cancer. The event is being held at Carnegie Delicatessen & Restaurant. Guests can enjoy mini versions of many classic Carnegie Deli desserts transformed to fit the theme of the month – pink. Guests can also look forward to pink lemonade and fun activities, such as raffles. The tickets are a little pricey at $75 each, but it is worth the money for such an important cause.
  • For students who do not want to travel to donate toward finding a cure, LIU Post is holding a few fundraisers as well. On Oct. 29, in Hillwood Commons Lobby, there will be an event during common hour called MRAW & WARM: Wear A Cause that will be raising money for ovarian and breast cancer.

Raising money toward finding a cure is an important aspect of the month of October. The support and love that is given during this month is what helps those who are suffering from the disease have faith that they will win their battle. By donating to this cause we may make a difference in an individual’s life. If we all work together and keep this fight going, hopefully we will be able to live in a world where breast cancer does not exist.

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