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Planned or Spontaneous? How Do You Like Your Love?

Meghan Glynn

Now, I know that, like his or her coffee, everyone takes his or her love in different forms.  Some like the “I can’t keep my hands off of you” romance, while others prefer the quiet kind of love, filled with stolen glances from across crowded rooms.

But, whether you take your love loud and proud or quiet and tender, we can all agree that, sometimes, a little romance can go a long way.

This past week, I had an argument with my boyfriend. This is something that I’m not one to publicly speak about, but for the sake of relationships everywhere else, I’ll continue. Our fight, which was about my boy blowing off plans to, as he had put it, “have a really special day just for the two of us,” really got me thinking: Is it more appreciated when romantic gestures are planned out and scheduled down to the second, or is it better to have your significant other suddenly sweep you off your feet all over again and make a day special for the both of you?

Personally, I can find the merit to each approach, but I happen to think that spontaneity is a much more romantic gesture than over-planned outings.  You know, that unexpected bouquet of your favorite flowers for no other reason than because he thinks you are the most perfect thing on the planet and he wants to show you it – that’s what romance is about.

Don’t get me wrong, having that date on your calendar, circled with a giant red heart – guys, don’t lie, I know you do that too – gives a girl something to look forward to – a special day or night spent doing whatever it is you and your love find fun and romantic.  We can gush to our girlfriends about how lucky we are to have such a wonderful guy, secretly hoping to make them all jealous of the relationship that we treasure so much.

It may all seem so cliché, and I guess that not every relationship is like that, but then what does everyone else like?  Am I alone in thinking that, like in my case this week, I’d rather not be promised a romantic outing, but, instead, would much prefer a sudden call asking me to “get ready. I’m taking you somewhere special”?  I may be crazy, but if that’s not true romance, then what is? Let me know what you think; send me your thoughts and opinions on what kind of lovin’ you like best –

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