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Post Allows Veterinary Labs To Stay Open After Break

By Lexi DeLorimiere, Staff Writer

Post recently announced the upcoming education plans for Thanksgiving and Christmas break. Classes will be fully remote following Thanksgiving break and for the remainder of the fall semester. However, the veterinary technology program was approved to hold in-person labs. 

After discussing potential options, program leaders in nursing and health professions agreed upon allowing students to complete clinicals and labs in person after the break. These courses are required to be completed in person in order to receive the professional certification. Health professions such as veterinarians are governed by hands-on experience and knowledge. 

Students were not expecting this decision from the program and made arrangements to travel home. 

Sophomore veterinary technology major Sarah Henderson, is one of several students who made travel plans before Post notified students that the labs would be open. 

“Most students in my major are commuters, so hearing that labs will resume in person is okay with them, but for those of us who live far away, it is unfair to make us change plans so last minute,” Henderson said. 

The University is making the necessary accommodations for students in these programs who do not return to campus. 

“We want to be clear that students who are not able to return to campus after Thanksgiving will have the ability to complete in-person course work and be accommodated in every way that they can to ensure that they are on track for graduation,” Chief Administration Officer Joseph Schaefer said. 

If students choose to return home or do not feel comfortable returning to class in person, they will be able to complete the remainder of the course in February. While they would temporarily receive an incomplete grade for the fall, it will be removed from their transcript once the student completes the course in the spring.

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