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Post and Beyond

Jessica DeSalvo

In celebration of C.W. Post’s community, research and character, the Division of Student Success presented an event on March 30th to acknowledge the large amount of experiential education that takes place each day at Post.  The event took place in the Tilles Atrium during common hour on March 30th. The setup and feel of this presentation started off great. Each student who attended was given a raffle ticket for a chance to win a free iPhone. There were light refreshments and an open area where faculty, students and teams could sit together.  Entertainment was provided by a student DJ who goes by the name MarkXclusive, and X-Factor, the C.W. Post step team. Towards the end of the event X-factor performed an amazing routine, which left staff and students in awe.

“Our attempt today is to begin to acknowledge individuals and organizations across the institution that have made a positive an significant impact on our campus,” said Dr.

William Gustafson, Assistant Provost for Student Success. Awards given symbolized the

commitment and celebration of our community’s experiential education. Students and

faculty members were honored for internships, student research, service learning

opportunities, volunteerism and community service. The ceremony included seven different awards. They were given to people who exceed the average charitable work of one individual or team. The first award handed out during the ceremony was the Impact Award. The Impact Award was given to C.W. Post Circle K Club, for its continuous service and time dedicated to our campus and surrounding community.

The Woman’s Lacrosse team was recognized for their 493 hours of community service. The team received the Infinity Award for completing the most hours of

service of all athletic teams on campus. The Gold Heart Award went to a C.W. Post

employee, Professor Matthew Draud in the Biology department, who has shown a great deal of care for his students, in and out of the classroom. “He’s a wonderful facility member,” said Dr. Gustafson, and I can speak for many students when I say I agree.

Attending this event was a group of students who dedicated their free time to

participate in the building of homes in Mexico. These outstanding efforts were

acknowledged when they received the Global Green Award. Some students created poster presentations to organize their studies and research. Angela Calise, sophomore biology major, received the Frontier Award for her contributions in the research field. Calise studied the diversity of larval anatomy and metamorphic processes among marine bryozoans; her efforts and hard work paid off when she was honored with this award.

The character being built on this campus cannot go unacknowledged which is why the Division of Student Success did a great job recognizing those who gave back to our community and campus. Dr. Gustafson ended this event with a memorable quote by Helen Adams Keller, “Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experiences of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, vision cleared, ambition inspired and success achieved.” This event will continue in the coming years so that other students who endure experimental education can be honored and acknowledged as well.

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