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Post Concert Dance Company Needs Help

Pete Barell
Arts and Entertainment Editor

The Post Concert Dance Company (PCDC), founded in 1996, is a touring ensemble of student dancers who foster talent and explore the history and legacy of their art through a slew of residencies with established companies, such as Pilobolus and the Paul Taylor Dance Company. In the past, only upperclassmen in the company were able to attend an annual trip to the American Dance Festival held in March, but the opportunity extended to the entire company two years ago. “However, with the [campus] budget cuts it is hard for the entire company to go,” said Freyani Patrice, a junior in PCDC and the group’s Fundraising Manager. The PCDC must have its registration and funds together by the end of the month, a sum totaling $10,000.

According to Patrice, the funds collected will help pay for registration for all of the dancers in the conference. Three choreographed pieces will be performed and judged during the competition. In addition, the funds that are needed will go towards the expense for the hotel and bus, as the conference is held at SUNY Brockport. Despite the funds,

dancers “will be responsible for getting their own food throughout the week at the school where the conference is held, as well as buying food, water, juice, etc. to keep in the hotel,” continued Patrice.

This trip is a chance for the PCDC to represent LIU Post on a wider scale. “Other schools and outside professionals get a chance to see what the dancers do at Post, and we get to network with dancers and teachers from schools upstate, in New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania,” said Patrice. “We call it our Dance-cation.” The dancers are able to strengthen their technique, grow as a group, and have the chance of their choreographed pieces going to the gala and the Informal Concert.

“As a company, we are trying to do everything we can to raise that money,” she added. The first of the fundraisers on campus is a bake sale. Those willing to donate to the cause can also do so by writing a check or giving the money directly to the Director of Dance, Theater, and Film, Cara Gargano. The dance office number is (516) 299-2353.

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